Thursday, September 07, 2006


Wifey: O ... nasaan ka nanaman?
Kawawang ako: Ahhhhh ... ehhhhh nag-oobeertym lang dear
Wifey: Blogggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

Oh goshhhh ... nabagsakan nanaman ako ng telepono. Grrrrrrrr ... the tragedy of this is that I was not telling a lie ... well - not really ... uhmmmmm, not technically speaking.

I was having a couple of beers, with super "pulutan" and a very pedestrian conversation about how tall (or small) president GMA really was. Among inebriated friends, this was important because her "center of gravity" might explain why she is so hard to topple over .... Where was I? Where else ... but in a place called OBeerTime.

Located in Makati, at the corner of de la Rosa and Pasong Tamo, this nook of a carinderia cum bar-grill house is packed after office hours everyday. Landmarked by a BurgerMachine kiosk, and escaping ihaw-scented smoke, OBeerTime is kinda' like a mini-"dampa" - two tables lined with fresh (?) fish and meat. Take your pick and have them grill it to soft and chewy perfection.

The choices are focused but extensive including plapla, samaral, tuna belly and panga, plato, talakitok, bisugo ... pork/beef BBQ, baboy dila, tenga ng baboy and others. You are given a generic "sawsawan" of vinegar-toyo-calamansi-sibuyas-sili. Yummmmmmmmm ...

The crowd is a mix of TAS (tsinelas and sando), and office types in 168Mall barongs. Fish is anywhere between 100pesos to 170pesos per whole fish. Beer is 23pesos. Chairs are strictly monobloc. Ambiance is definitely zero. Air-conditioning is non-existent. Waitresses are pretty by about the 4th bottle of beer...

Its fun. Mag-obeertime tayo.
Try it ... if you dare