Sunday, April 27, 2008

Book Tag

Long overdue
I owe my cyber-buddy Gizelle @mirage2g a "123" book tag entry.
Gizelle is a super-mom with the cutest kids and a penchant for great cooking. Her blogs are worth a visit because she posts some of the most wonderfully vivid photographs that give a sense of her life in Vienna, Austria.

Sorry for the slow Alzheimeric book tag reaction from me Giz ,
I have just been too laptop, DVD and Ipod intensive that I haven't really been near a good book lately.
I thank you for reminding me of the continued relevance of books.
There is after all, nothing like a paperback to keep me company while sipping coffee at Starbucks
(As opposed to having to talk to "wifey"
the paperback is looking like a mighty good option ...)

For those in the audience - the book tag works like this :

Here are the easy to do tag rules:
1. Pick up the nearest book of at least 123 pages.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

So - here's my book:

Yes - the book is entitled "Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex?"
It is a question and answer book.
One question , one answer
Then - on to the next question

I love books like this because they are entertaining, informative and such easy reads.
Great for stolen reading opportunities such as coffee breaks, afternoon tea, or waiting in line ,
As well as when waiting for someone who is always at least 30 minutes late for anything, knowing full well that that irritates me no end ...
Though that doesn't seem to matter despite the fact that she now legally owns half of everything I own ...
And 100% of everything that she ever bought despite my pleas for rational spending because my ability to pay credit card bills is stretched to the max already ...
And that a closet packed with dresses cannot be by any stretch of imagination so empty as to say "I have nothing to wear ... "
But then I digress ...

Back to the book tag
Hmmmm - page 123 - 1st 5 sentences
Then post the next three ...

"If you want to read about the first reported case of tone deafness, just go to the 1878 journal Mind and read Grant-Allnes article "Note Deafness". The article describes the case of a thirty-year-old man who took music lessons as a child, but was completely unable to carry a tune or recognize familiar melodies.
Congenital amusia is similar to a learning disability. "

This is part of the answer to the question - "Are some people really tone deaf?"
Unexciting answer
(Shucks - I could have just YouTubed wifey singing - and the answer would have been obvious)

Anyway ...
There are clearly more interesting questions and answers in other pages of the book.
The most interesting I guess is the part that answers the title,
"Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex?"
This appears on page 14-16
A lengthy discussion that includes the role of body chemicals like oxytoxin, prolactin, gamma amino butyric acid (GABA), and endorphins.
Ho hum
Perhaps boring but interesting to know nonetheless.

Of course if the authors had just taken the time to ask me,
Then I could have given them the simple answer

Q: - Why do men fall asleep after sex"
A: - Because ... there's nothing left to do.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Juan Day at Work

I am back
Whaaaaaat happened?

Work got in the way ...

For the past two weeks
Our office has gone through an international accreditation exercise
American industry auditors interrogated us
We were under the microscope
Tons of paperwork
Lots of legwork
Always on the edge

Maaaaaan !!!
I was up to my ears in Americans
Non-stop English can be very tiring

Tanks Gad It Fridays
I needed a good old Filipino shot in the arm

Juan's Bistro is a cozy little "bistro kuno" that proposes to sprinkle Pinoy lutong bahay with a touch of informal elegance
"Komiks" splatter the wall to lock in that batang Pinoy feel
An open fire grilled kitchen kicks in the sense of bistro flair
The menu is a litany of Pinoy favorites

I quenched my thirst with black gulaman and sago
Then (as usual) proceeded into my heart attack diet.
Sizzling sisig plus pork liempo and rice,
Add a dash of monggo with chicharon toppings
And I was all set ...
I felt so Filipino
Such a relief - after a week of captivity by American slave masters

This is the life ....

AmeriKana looking at bistro food menu: "uhmm Dagul ..can you please translate this foods for me cause i dont understand them."

Dagul: Sure why not - coconut?
'Kana: what is fried tinulingan?
Dagul: circumcised fish.
'Kana: Chicken Binakol?

Dagul: Pervert CHicken.‘
'Kana: kinalawing kambing
Dagul: Eagled Goat‘
'Kana: nilagang baka?
Dagul: Boiled Maybe?
Kana: thanks dagul! Waiter!waiter!
Waiter: yes mam whats your order?‘
'Kana: can i have a hamburger.
Waiter: yes mam? do you want to try our dessert tsokolateng mainit just ten pesos mam.
‘Kana: dagul - what is tsokolateng mainit in english?
Dagul: CHocolate That Want Sex

( toinnnnnnnnnnnngk ... flying menu board)

Juan's Bistro

Unit 146
South Parking Building
Mall of Asia

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Usual Stuff

I sat down and ordered from the extensive menu
The gracious waitress repeated my order (as they are trained to do),
Then jauntily scampered off towards the kitchen.
I unfolded a newspaper and started scanning the day's news
Corruption, murder, robbery, libel, overpricing, hoarding ...
Hmmm -nothing new
Just the usual stuff ...

Then there it was ,
On page A22

I shudder just at the thought of it ...

Yes folks ...
This scorned Pinay culminated her fits of fury with an act that can be said to be on the "cutting" edge
For her - the time had come "to cut - and cut cleanly"

And for the poor man ...
No dose of Viagra will ever be of any help
The deed is done
It will forever be very hard, to be very hard

Let the lesson be learned ...
"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned "

There was much to think about ...
How does this lesson apply in my own life?
Where did I keep the scissors?
Does she know?
Should I sleep on my right side?

My thoughts were interrupted by the voice of the waitress
"Sir - your order is here. Enjoy your meal ..."
I stared
My thoughts still stuck on the news article
Suddenly - I wasn't hungry

"Ahhhhh ...
Miss -pabalot na lang"

Monday, April 07, 2008


Yes people ...
The man is pregnant
And ...
Get this - he is proudly half-Pinoy
Half man, half woman and half Filipino
Three halves equal a "hole"
Ooooooooooooops - a "whole" ...
(Sorry about that)

The world is going mad
Global warming is frying our brains
The unthinkable is now reality
The totally weird is totally real

Talk about the impossible ...
A pregnant man !
What will they think of next?
A faithful husband ??????
(Sorry about that ... )

That really calls for a drink (donchatink?)
And perhaps a good dinner to boot
There is after all a new place in town ...

Located along the rejuvenated and blooming Makati Avenue strip,
This casually elegant restaurant positions itself as serving "new Asian cuisine"
The place is in a "dry run" of sorts - but already one can see the makings of an upcoming hotspot
Service is warm and personal
Servers are helpful and knowledgeable

A glass of white wine started us off.
We took our time exploring the menu ...

It was a tough choice -there was much which was of interest.
For our first time sortie, we tried :
1. Squid marinated in sweet and spicy Thai dressing with sesame phyllo and alfalfa
2. Thai surf and turf - chili prawns, sweet pork belly and chicken pandan with Thai fried rice, quail egg and green mango
3. Seared beef tenderloin in rasberry teriyaki sauce, with crusted foie gras and truffled mash potatoes
4. Soy cheesecake with almond cornflake crust, green tea mousse and oolong tea syrup

The dinner went well beyond my expectations
What a pleasant and delicious surprise
The mix of several flavors coming together in one dish was masterfully executed
This was "fusion" cuisine that made sense
I was hooked
I knew I would be back ...

Seeya there
I will be the guy in the corner table with a big belly
No - I won't be pregnant
I really just have a big belly ....

Unit F101
A Venue Mall
7829 Makati Avenue, Makati
(63-2) 757-1042

Friday, April 04, 2008


If not bizarre then perhaps funny
At the very least intriguing
At most - rather insulting

The president of the island nation of PALAU had just finished an official state visit to the Philippines.
Bilateral agreements were signed.
Lots of goodwill was generated.

Then it was time to go
Whatever it was that happened at the airport -the net result was that the President of the nation of Palau was unable to leave
Apparently - he refused to be "frisked" by representatives of Continental Airlines
He was after all a head of state on an official state visit
Perhaps he was due just a little dignity and respect
After all -I have never heard of the president of the most powerful nation in the world being "body searched" while on any of his visits anywhere
Or maybe even being asked if he was bringing anything in that had to be declared

I guess equality is not so equal in the eyes of the defenders of equality.

Whatever ...
The incident rekindled my interest in Palau.
I had long wanted to explore the possibility of vacationing there ...

Palau - is an ocean lovers destination
Sand and sea
Sea sports
Dolphin watching
Or just plain chilling out with a thirst-quenching MaiTai in hand, as the sun slowly sets in the horizon ...

Palau is located 500 miles east of the Philippines
Just a short hop away
Pack your bags
Make sure to be "frisked" at the airport
And board the plane for a 2 and 1/2 hour flight to a dream vacation
One day soon ...

Ohhhhhh ...
They also have a "delicacy" that you might be interested in
(We can't forget the food - can we?)
You might want to explore their wonderful "bat soup"

Lets see ...
A touch of ginger
Some coconut milk
More spices
And ...
A bat

Bon apetit ..

Ay yay yay ...
Now - I know why Batman and Robin are always in a hurry to return to the Batcave.