Saturday, September 16, 2006


Our family trio makes it a point to eat out together every Sunday dinner. Last Sunday, we were joined by my kikay sister-in-law... one of the wierdest but most fun buddies one can ever have.

Our tastes and likes for food differ, so I decided to re-visit Cafe Juanita in Pasig, where the menu offers Filipino, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Continental food all under one roof. Besides, I had not been there in a while and really missed this old dependable ...

Cafe Juanita is a wonderfully eclectic cafe that more properly belongs in Malate but is located in the Kapitolyo subdivision of Pasig. It is an old (circa my grandmother... or is it my aunt? ) apartment type of building, that has been gayfully embellished with every kind of decor there is - paintings, mirrors, feathers, ceramic collections, knick knacks, beads, crystals, chandeliers, water fountain, rugs, antiques, art-deco, - stuff - just anything - put together with no apparent rhyme or reason. The effect is surprisingly pleasing if not entertaining.

Surprise ... everything you see is for sale. Just ask for prices. Its like eating in the middle of an elegantly set garage sale ...

Just about anything you order is really good - culinary interpretations of owner Dr. Efren "Boy" Vasquez. Try the crispy phaiphai, kare-kare, spare ribs adobo, and asuhos with crab fat. Or ... your choice of an extensive no borders menu - from sushi, to dimsum, to tom yang, to vietnamese roll, to pasta ... to gosh ... anything.

If you are looking for a nice bohemian dining experience - this is a gem of a place.

While we're on the topic of Pasig ... next time I will tell you about the best crispy pata in town, just a sudden left turn away from the Cafe Juanita area ... ssshhhhhhh

Cafe Juanita
#2 United Street corner West Capitol Street
Brgy Kapitolyo, Pasig


guile said...

i'm going hungry..

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

go for it ...
sarap food fun
bring a date