Sunday, September 24, 2006


The child in my aging body continues to giggle whenever I am under the influence of such "literary" masterpieces as Ronnie Santiago's Baltic &Co., Felipe de la Cruz's Ipenuts and the prolific Tonton Young's Pupung. Granted that the majority of my laughs today are sourced from cellphone SMS and e-mail attachments, there is in comics the added thrill of a flashback to times when "komiks" was the only source of networked humor. In the same way that I now instinctively turn the newspaper to the obituaries, I used to in earlier times, turn instinctively to the comics page. As a matter of fact... the comics page was in those times, the only value of newspapers to me.

Gosh... I am growing really old

Anyway, - imagine my surprise when I ran into a restaurant centered on Pupung. I couldn't resist the chance to even just sit there, look at the drawings and think back to when life was much simpler ... and much easier.

The food was not anyting to crow about but hey ... who's looking for gourmet when one just wants a quick meal. The usual quickies are available - pork tocino at 70pesos, lechon kawali at 75pesos, Pupungs original pork sisig at 75pesos, a rib-eye tapa at 125pesos and other Filipino lutong bahay favorites.

If like me, you enjoy an occassional "quickie" ... drop by.

Pupung & Friends
Unit 1128 G/F
Entertainment Bldg.
SM Mall of Asia