Thursday, September 07, 2006

Mission Impossible

CNN was ablaze the other day with news that Viacom/Universal Studios had cut ties with its long time superstar Tom Cruise. That saddened me coz I am a fan of such favs as The Samurai, Mission Impossible, Minority Report, Collateral, A Few Good Men, Top Gun, Far and Away, The Firm and others.

The nostalgia led wierd me on a meandering thought path to a time not so long ago when one of my secret hang-out places was a grill cum beer guzzling station with some of the best inihaw food offerings known to a cheapskate, fun-loving male like me. It was located off to the side of Pasong Tamo near the Mitsubishi Cars Showroom. It had closed down about two years ago.

I was in the area, so I decided to just whiz by to take a memory filled look. Lo and behold ... the signage was still there. I even had a short but animated talk with the "bantay" who was looking after the now vacant lot. I miss that place .... how I wish it would do a sequel and re-open. But I guess that's a mission impossible ...