Sunday, September 10, 2006


During my last trip to Bangkok, I watched a show at the famed Calypso Cabaret Theater, rated the best in Thailand . All performers were transexual men known as "katoey" . These "ladyboys" were even prettier than many women I had seen - complete with curvy hips, prominent cleft chins, bouncing breasts, Caucasian noses, highlighted hair, flawless skin, etc. The transexual transformation is a miracle of modern day surgery and an aberration of modern day society.

The current world "gay" demographic is estimated at a high of 11%. Based on an estimated world population of 6.6BILLION ... that means that there could conceivably be 660MILLION gays out there. They are here to stay ... live with it.

Many of my better friends are gay. They are fun. They make very dear friends... but very dangerous enemies. They are a melting pot of talent, fashion, innovation, and wisdom. In the Philippines, they speak an amusingly challenging "swardspeak" - a language derived from "englog" - a form of communication that challenges the limits of imagination .

I cannot help but agreeing ... that if only our president GMA and that wily fella' referred to as Garci had just spoken in "swardspeak" during that infamous telephone conversation... maybe the country would now have less conflict and division.

GMA: Hallooo Gracia!
Garci: Yes mother! Nachukchak ko na po yung mga chuva ek-ek!
GMA: Bonggacious! Eh yung mga tienes-tienes –.carry na ba?
Garci: Winnie Santos mama! Wiz na worry! Eclavou na ever!
GMA: Ang tarush! Babush!

Calypso Cabaret
at the Asia Hotel, Bangkok
296 Phayathai Rd., Bangkok 10400