Thursday, September 28, 2006


I was already working after college when I first tasted Japanese food. We were in Japantown, in San Francisco - in a restaurant that had wooden boats floating on a water conveyer with different Japanese food dishes in them. One simply picked out his choice and was charged accordingly. My “buddies” started me off with a salmon sashimi. But I was instructed to “acclimatize” myself to Japanese food first by eating the "ball of green stuff" that came with the dish – a sort of aperitif. Not knowing any better, I gamely put the whole green ball in my mouth. The rest is history...

I was the laughing stock of the whole restaurant as I reeled, jumped, ran and shouted my own balls off. Coughing, choking, teary eyed and totally shocked ... I begged my “buddies” for mercy and asked them to forgive me for all the practical jokes I had ever played on them.

I learned two things.
Wasabi is not joke ...
The world is indeed round ... weder weder lang talaga

Ohhhh ... and I learned to love Japanese food. Sabi nga nila- kung saan ka nasaktan yun pa talaga ang mamahalin mo.

Just a flashback - as I sat waiting for my meal at the swank Tsumura Sushi Bar and Restaurant. I was in the new location of an old sushi haunt of mine.

Sushi Tsumura formerly located in Pasay Road is now in Salcedo Village. Its interiors are very modernly “calming"... after all, they were done by designer Ed Calma. There is a cozy sushi bar, an open dining area and private function rooms. The place can seat about 160 persons.

Tsumura is operated by the same group that runs Kuretake in Rockwell Mall. It is named after resident sushi chef Masamichi Tsumura who has created a traditional Japanese menu – no compromise fusion types here. You can sense the food authenticity because of the significant numbers of Japanese themselves who flock to eat here.

The downside is ... it’s really not “tsu-mura” ...
It’s actually “tsu-expensive”.
My bill for a dinner for two was a little over 4000pesos. Of course we ate a lot , but still...
If you want to splurge there’s 180g. of Wagyu Beef for 4250pesos, an assorted sashimi platter for 2 at 1600pesos or you might want a pricey Kubota Manjyu bottle of sake at 16,500pesos. Yikes ...

What would we do without corporate accounts against which we can charge these things ?
Hmmmmm ...
10pm dinner for me and one sexy lady
- charge to marketing representation (product presentation)
- will continue to represent the corporation over drinks at a bar down the street... (and later ... maybe even crispy pata)

... bosing, kailangan ko ng O.R. pls.

Tsumura Sushi Bar and Restaurant
2/F 88 Corporate Plaza,
Sedeno corner Valero Streets, Salcedo Village
(632) 887-4848 to 50


Chinggay said...

I totally agree!!!

I had lunch there with my clients one time and my bill was a whopping 25K++ for a group of eight!!!

Though the food is really good, I think I'm happy na with my Isshin.. especially around sunrise after a night of drinking and dancing! haha!

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

yup yup ...
in new york they had a place callled "rock and roll sushi" - somewhere where one can drink, dance and sushi all in one place ... sana may ganun sa manila -dba??

Chinggay said...

let's open one! ;-)

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

oo nga ...
"sosing sushi" yun -
taralets -meeting na - bisness agad