Monday, September 11, 2006


"At ds momnt 3.7 milyon peeps r sleeping, 2.3 milyon r foling n lv, 4.1 milyon r eatng bt onli 1 cutie n d hol world s readng ds msg.
Naks! Nkngiti nyan"

Yikes .... ur so baduuuy nman.

But then again, that is the stuff that Philippine textmania is made of. And mania it is ...

The Philippines has been dubbed the "Text Capital of the World" for generating the most number of text messages per day in the world. Our volume in the Philippines represents up to 15% of worldwide SMS (short message service) or text messages sent daily. In the estimation of various surveys, there are about 28-30million cellphones in use in the country today. This generates between 150million to 200million text messages PER DAY.

The Filipino has somehow re-invented and morphed this business tool into a social institution. In the process, we have developed not only a unique brand of humor, but a specific text language with matching (mis)spelling that threatens the already depleted levels of English proficiency that remain in our badly run public school system.

It continues to amaze me how people at the same table for example text each other instead of talk to each other ... they're one seat apart - for heavens sake. One day I expect a priest to text the marriage vows to a couple kneeling in front of him, and blesses them as he awaits the texted response of ... "ys pder, i du :-) " after which the man will send "mwah" to the girl who in turn will text back ".. uhhhmmmmmuuuahhhhhhhhhhh" They will then be man and wife ...

A while back while walking along the peaceful and serene white sands of Boracay, I encountered a lovely lady lying on the beach in front of the Boracay Regency Beach Resort - obviously sunbathing, in the solitude of sun and surf - surrounded by the sounds of nature, away from the urban jungle ... but totally unable to dissociate from the addiction of text ...

Unbelievable .... Addiction? Mania? Sociologic evolution?
Well - If you can't break them ... join them na lang

Plz znd dz 2 20 pipol nd u wl exprienz a mirakl ....

Bili na kyo panty... kpag suot nyo to di kyo mabubuntis
Babae: bigyan mo ako ng 3 nyan
(3 months later, galit c babae)
Babae: Bakit ako nabuntis ????
Intstik: Baka hinubad mo :-)

Boracay Regency Beach Resort
Station 2 - Tel. No. (63) (36) 288-6111