Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fair Play

In my previous post I made kwento about my ChocNut habit. I made some very "male" remarks and even suggested that my "nuts" had over time taken a chocholaty (ummmmm) color perhaps due to too much ChocNut.

My female friends cried foul. Sila din daw kumakain ng tsokoleyt? Bakit daw nakalimutan ko na sila???

Well, the good news is an Italian research group found as early as 2004 that women who eat chocolate regularly do have better sex lives than those who don't.

So my dearest mga chikababes ...
Here in the interest of fair play, political correctness and gender equality is the female version of my Choc "nuts" It tastes similar and given the chocolate content will hopefully contribute to a real orgasm ... so you don't have to fake it again..

Chocolate flavored "mani" - extra large pa !
Wat r u weting 4 - lets c'mon ...
Ingat-ingat lang - same precaution as in males ... baka maging kulay tsokoleyt yung "mani" nyo ... eeewwwwwwwwwww