Friday, September 08, 2006

Fat Chance

I was in Makati Medical Center last week. I joined a friend as his doctor lectured him on the merits of keeping his cholesterol levels under control. As in anything in life, so with cholesterol - you need more of the "good" (cholesterol) and less of the "bad" (cholesterol). Yearly monitoring of cholesterol levels, exercise, no smoking and a compliant diet would be a good investment in one's future health. My friend and I nodded our heads in enlightened acceptance of this well meaning advice.

We left the medical center with the resolve to determine our own future by exercising healthy options.

Two blocks down the road, as we were about to make a right turn onto Pasong Tamo towards Buendia... at the Centerpoint Bldg. we ran into this sign - "Aling Lucing - Pampangas Sisig Queen".

Whoaaaaaaaa - I had tasted Aling Lucings famed sisig a few years back at its famed Angeles City "crossing at the riles" location. I had since used it as a benchmark for comparing various sisigs in Meto Manila. My juices started to flow ...

Aling Lucings trademark sisig was started in the mid 1970s by "sisig queen" Lucita Cunanan. A unique blend of chopped pigs cheek, liver, onions, vinegar and calamansi - it quickly found its place in urban folklore. Its famed taste spread by word-of-mouth and captured the gastric patronage of many who would make the trip to Angeles from Manila specifically for this "food for the gods", not to mention the multitudes who would make the stopover on the way to or returning from the north. A testimonial to its staying power despite many would-be sisig champions, Aling Lucing was recently judged winner in the 2005 Angeles Sisig Festival.

So... there we were - in a predicament. Health or sisig?
Would the will power and discipline of two educated adult men overcome the temptations of Aling Lucing????


Fat chance ........
I started with sisig served with hot dog and rice, while my healthbuff buddy had sisig with barbeque... both at 69pesos. Then we shared a sisig with fried chicken at 79pesos. Being health conscious we of course both ordered diet cola (Pepsi products only)...

The doc had just told us to invest in our health.
Instead we invested 250pesos in Aling Lucing.
Life is about taking risks. Only time will tell ....

(Aling Lucing delivers for a minimum of 250pesos - call 844-4437)