Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Avast ye peg-legged and one-eyed mates
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum ...
And a good Italian meal too
Huh ???

Il Pirata is a pirate themed restaurant in the Eastwood City complex of the booming Libis area of Quezon City
Coming on the heels of the tremendous success of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie series, this restaurant presents itself as a pirate ship whose "galley" serves good food.

The restaurant facade itself is in the form of a pirate ship.
Upon entering, we were pleasantly greeted by pirate -attired staff.
While seated in intricately carved pirate chairs painted gold, my eyes couldn't stop looking around at all the pirate-themed decor

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One look though at the menu, and it is clear that this is actually an Italian restaurant
Pizza, pasta, antipasti, zuppe, insalata, primeri, secundi, dolci
As usual, I benchmarked the Carpaccio de Manzo.
Then we moved on to a Pizza del Pirata (4 cheeses, spicy salami, imported sausage, tomato sauce) @220pesos,
And then to a Spaghetti del Pirata (spaghetti with mozzarella and small meatballs)@295pesos.
We really went carbo overboard as we also ordered a 'special of the day" - ravioli oozing in cheese with salmon and caviar.

A glass of wine topped it all off

At first, I thought that the concept was some kinda' disconnect.
One walks into what feels like a restaurant in Disneyland (and sort of expects kiddie comfort food like burgers, hot dogs, fries, ice cream etc.)
Then one experiences a wonderfully grown-up Italian meal (that one expects in a taverna or a classically Italian dining setting).
It kinda' confuses the senses
It is difficult to decide where you really are
But in the end, the food is just so palatable that nothing else matters
And I just enjoyed the whole thing for what it was ...
A good Italian meal on a pirate ship !
Huhhhh ?

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This is a place that one has to see to believe.
There is unbelievable detail in the decor.
And the meal is something that one has to personally taste to appreciate ...

Bring the kids - they will enjoy it.
Bring a date - and hold her heart "captive".
Bring your wife - and make her walk the gangplank to forever disappear into the shark-infested seas - never to be a part of your life again !
Hahahahhahahahahaha - just kidding
Not ....

Il Pirata Italian Restaurant
Eastwood City
Libis, Quezon City
(63-2) 421-1994 to 95