Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Like a King

It was a day when nothing went right ...

To begin with,
My car gave up on me and wouldn't start.
My mind was a total zip at the office.
Deadlines were looming.
My staff were not delivering
And to my horror, I was wearing socks that did not match !

I was just waiting for the office day to end.
And when it did ...
I was off the starting block like a bullet.
My liver was aching for wine
My taste buds were searching for good food
And my ego was looking for a lift.

For a stress-eater like me,
It was time for some fine dining ...

Good food, good wine and great service was what I needed
I needed to be pampered
I needed a "feel good" fix

Somewhere consistent
Somewhere reliable
Somewhere tried and tested ...

MEZZALUNA was one of the early locators at the Serendra restaurant row. I was an early believer and posted about this resto in its opening quarter. Since then it has gained a steady and loyal following (including myself).

On a day like today - this seemed like a safe choice.

Chef Carlo Miguel the amiable jolly power behind the success of Mezzaluna in Serendra is a few pounds slimmer and has withstood the competition from the many restaurants around his own. This - by being consistent and by keeping his menu interesting.

Tonight was a night for his "Tasting Menu" - a degustacion of sorts.
Small servings of the chef's wonderful cuisine
Paced slowly, as to allow one to fully savor the flavor of the servings.

Lobster and Corn Chowder

Handmade Saffron Linguini with Crab, Tomato, Parsley and a hint of Chili


Grilled Kurobota Pork Belly with White Bean Puree, Confit Brussel Sprouts and Balsamic Marinated Prunes

Char-Grilled Grain-Fed Aged Australian Beef Tenderloin with Truffled Mushroom and Eshallot Tartlet

Lava Centre Florless Chocolate Cake with Praline Ice Cream


(1500 pesos ++)

Topped off with a tasty Australian Chardonnay,
This meal was an exercise in pampering ...
Delicious cuisine

Enjoyed on a finely set table
Bathed in romantic lighting,
With a background of dinner lounge music,
Attended to by knowledgeable and attentive servers
In a chic moderne restaurant

Uhmmmm - I felt like a king

I winked at the group of girls at the next table,
Raised my wine glass in a gesture of toast
And then slowly slid into nothingness when I noticed them giggling as they caught a glimpse of my non-matching socks .

Ohhhh well - you can't win them all.

11th Street G/F
Serendra Commercial Complex
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(63-2) 8560718 (63-2) 8560697


Sidney said...

Well, you definitely know how to survive life!
That is indeed a King's meal!
Too bad about your non-matching socks...