Sunday, August 05, 2007

140 Days To Go

140 days to go till Christmas ...
I can't wait to celebrate the birth of Christ
I am just so thankful to Him for His presence in my life ...
This year as I have often said, has not been the best of times.
I have received much pastoral care.
My Christian family and friends have been the wall of support and the pillars of strength that have seen me through some very difficult patches.
I have called out and He has walked with me ...

I am slowly regathering my senses
Things are slowly moving towards the better
I am rediscovering myself as I continue to discover Him

It was my birthday 3 weeks ago ...
God was with me - in the warmth of the people who attended my small dinner
In the laughter of a family that has gone beyond grief
In the hearts of genuinely concerned friends.

It was a fun night.
I had not laughed so hard for so long ...
He was there.

And in 140 days, I will be there to celebrate the Faith that He has allowed me to learn
To say thank you for a gracious and merciful God who has seen it fit to forgive me - sinful as I am
To jump with joy at the beauty of a new year to face
To sing to the high heavens - the glory of His love.

No gifts for me please
No cash
No cards are necessary
Christmas is not about us
As it is correctly noted ... " Jesus is the reason for the season"
I will be happy enough just to celebrate His day... with prayer.

Happy Sunday.