Sunday, August 19, 2007


Two eggs and a Dick ...
Now there's a formula for success if I ever heard one.

I HAVE TWO EGGS is a restaurant brainchild of Chef Dick Balajadia who noted that in Europe and the US, eggs are usually served in pairs.
Come to think of it, that is true ...
And in a tapsilog-crazy country like the Philippines , serving two eggs instead of one would seem to me like a logical variant.
As they say ...
Two eggs are better than one

I Have Two Eggs positions itself as a "tapsilog station" but really serves more than just that.
Their tasty "all time favorites" include...

Marinated Sirloin tapa @150pesos
Sugar Cured Pork Loin @140pesos
Spicy Garlic Filipino Sausage @130pesos
Homemade Corned Beef @150pesos
Cured Boneless Bangus @150pesos
Garlic Chicken Solo @100pesos

Dry rubbed T-bone steak, tanigue, chicken bbq, and home-style porkchop are available "off the grill"

All are served with two eggs from their "egg station" which will cook the eggs the way you like it ...

Sunny side up

The restaurant is an upgrade of a canteen theme with egg holder cartons forming part of the wall and ceiling accent.

I discovered this place on a lazy Sunday afternoon while driving through some old haunts of mine - marveling at how time had changed the neighborhood.
It was really time for a late lunch , but the lure of eggs was too much ...
I instead had my "second" breakfast.

For someone like me who logs frequent mileage in places like Pancake House and Heaven N' Eggs , the breakfast all day option of
I HAVE TWO EGGS is really a magnet ...
Besides - who can beat that name?

I will definitely be back there.
It is worth a return visit ...
In case you are in the area -try it ... drop by.
You might bump into me .
Just look for a guy with "two eggs" .

I Have Two Eggs
Tomas Morato cor. Scout Bayoran
(across Rembrant Hotel)
Quezon City


Sidney said...

Funny name!
Looks like a nice place.