Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Home Kitchen

It was a wet, rainy evening .
We were in Serendra Piazza enjoying the cool if not moist breeze
We were walking slowly on purpose,
Looking through every window trying to decide where to have dinner ...
Something new caught my eye.
And we walked over ... just to see

What a pleasant surprise ...
Through the glass we could see our friends Oye and Malou Fores working feverishly behind the kitchen counter of what turned out to be their recent addition to the frenzy of restaurants in the area.

Mamou is a canteen-type mix of ikea-inspired cabinetry, dwarf Pampanga chairs, lightweight wood tables, warehouse lighting and an open galley kitchen. We were seated promptly by friendly staff. Oye and Chef Malou (that's "mamou" to her young niece) joined us for a while and a few stories were exchanged . We had friends at almost every table and the evening turned into some kind of a mini-reunion of long lost friends.

Mamou positions itself as a "home kitchen" (similar to sister-in-law Gaita Fores' famed comfort canteen - Cafe Bola).
The menu interpretation of "home kitchen" gives one a sense of world travel, old family, and heirloom recipes. It's like eating wonderful meals in the "family compound" , prepared with loving attention, using the recipes of my lola "sosing"...
Easy, interesting, likeable, somehow familiar, "eat"able ...

Our sampling of their "dry run" menu started with - a tasty Palm Spring Rolls served with sweet chili sauce and garlicky vinaigrette @210pesos.

Then we had half of a citrus rubbed Roast Chicken, served with buttered onions, red rice, cinnamon plantains, and black beans @345pesos , and a Crispy Roast Duck with Red Chorizo Rice served with steamed vegetables and chili plum sauce @395pesos.

The dinner was light and tasty.
Comfort food.
Nothing grand.
Nothing pretentious.
Just a good home cooked dinner and a glass of wine
Enjoyed in the company of good friends ...

On a rainy day like today,
It can't get any better than this

Mamou - a home kitchen
Unit 1-C , G/F, Serendra
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(63-2) 8563569


Speedcat Hollydale said...

"Good Night Irene" that chicken looks gooood!!!!!
You walk aimlessly and find this? You lucky dog you - LOL!!
Nice to see you over at my house, so I stopped by yours :-)
As you know, I love chicken...your pal, SpeedyCat H.