Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Fat Guy

Yoohoo - an iconic barbeque grill , and open air , roadside canteen which served fast, easy Filipino food to masses of office workers, bus and jeepney passengers on the wait, and the inebriated but hungry post barhopping young ones has been a landmark in the Metrowalk,Pasig area for years.
Pinoy comfort food
Drive in -drive out
Walk in - walk out

Perhaps now recognizing the Makati working class boom, Yoohoo has come to the financial district. Located in the Makati Avenue area - this familiar grillspot is just a stones throw from the neon-lit P.Burgos area (where another outlet with open air food court has also been set up). True to its pedestrian template ... Yoohoo is located near tricycles loading areas and where pedestrian traffic is significant.

Typically spartan with monobloc chairs and a carinderia-esque counter, it serves its popular barbeque and porkchops, along with PinoynaPinoy choices of adobo, Bicol Express, dinuguan, binagoongan, chiliconcarne. Skewers of chicken and pork liempo are grilled on a basic rotisserie.

The place reeks of barbeque smoke which adds to its blue collar character.
25pesos for 1 stick of barbeque
49pesos for a meal of chicken or liempo with rice
180pesos for a whole lechon manok

Not bad at at all
Great meals on the cheap ...
Open 24 hours
I can just see the Makati boys with their flashy cars re-inventing this eatery of the 'hood into another of their post-party stops.

See ya
I will be the fat guy licking the fat off the barbeque stick ...

Yoohoo Barbeque
Anza cor. Makati Avenue
City of Makati


Anonymous said...

i hope they have delivery and contact no. sigh....