Monday, August 20, 2007


I have posted about Baywalk several times on this blog.
It was an area that was so full of life ...
Every day of the week and more so on weekends
This "walk" by the bay took on the character of festivity
People congregated here
Played here
Sang here
Danced here
It was a happy place

Bands, mimes, performers, dancers, stage acts ...
Glitzy lights, people movers, gadget and flower vendors
Alive and jumping - all night long
Those who had less in life found in Baywalk a playground wherein they could vent their frustrations by aggregating ... much like the Pinoy "istambayan" has become a Pinoy social support group for those who suffer from the rigors of a hardened life

Today ...
Baywalk is no more
Almost deserted
Killed by the rightist swing of an authoritative pen

Where once - I could walk late at night with little fear
Where once I could mix with people from all walks of life
Where once -the social strata was breached and people were equal and one
Where once was the happy sound of life

Now is an eerie silence
Shadowy figures in the dark
A fearful place to take a stroll at night
A ghost town compared to what it was

Why ?
Politics seldom provides any real answers - only validation of strong willed impracticalities
I guess we will never know
Never perhaps - until we see who benefits most from this precipitate act
Then we will nod with enlightenment - and say " ahhhh - kaya naman pala "

Buhayin ang Manila !!!!


Sidney said...

A nice tribute to the "old" baywalk!
I feel sad that our new Mayor destroyed the fun.

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Yes Sydney many are saddened by the loss of the "old " Baywalk. I do hope that the greater plan of the city will revive the sense of fun and release that Baywalk provided. Perhaps they will relocate the "fun zone" somewhere else ....
We never now. We can only wait ...

Anonymous said...

I've lived in the bay area for the past ten years. Things have changed. Ever since Atienza built baywalk, none of us in the old apartment buildings like Syquia annd Angela could get a decent night's sleep. From a resident's point of view, Atienza's 'developement' has done nothing but bring traffic jams, noise and air pollution as well as the seedy element into the area. Many long time residents have moved out to quieter areas. Many considered leaving their residences of decades too.

Honestly, I'm glad the new mayor cleaned it up.

Baywalk stank the place up too. How could it not? There was no fresh water supply nor sewer system to speak of. One wonders how soiled dishes and fresh food is washed. Scary!

Two years ago, my wife and I checked into the presidential suite of the Diamond Hotel. The master's bedroom faces the bay. It was a complete waste of money since we didn't get to relax at all. We didn't get to sleep until 4 in the morning. The noise from at least four different establishments (live bands) congregated at the that top floor. It didn't feel at all like we were in such an expensive and regal suite. Everything was ruined.

I'm all for a nice, quiet and attractive baywalk, something in the likes of Clark and Boat Quay in Singapore. I don't think that's all that difficult to achieve. I hope the new mayor has a plan this time, not like when he shut down the girlie bars in Ermita.

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

A plan ?
I sincerely hope so.
It would be wonderful to have a Quay-like development.

I heard that a plan is indeed being hatched. We will have to wait until it is finalized and announced. Perhaps consultation with the populace in the area (like you) is in order.

I hope that whatever plans there are will allow a development of the area within the context of balancing serenity and leisure in a way that would preserve the proud heritage of Manila Bay and its sunset.

Lets keep our fingers crossed ...

P.S. - I am so glad that you will now be getting to sleep better.I never saw that side of the issue. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

Thanks for dropping by ...

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Great post, and I see vast concern for the Baywalk.
Your picture is so full of color for a low-light shot... you must not use a cheap camera phone for blogging like I do :-)

Happy day from Speedcat H.

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Thanks again for the visit Speedie.
I hope that all is well with your family and your golf ...

Yes - there is much concern about Baywalk. I have received divergent views and reactions to the post- but each consistent with a respect for the heritage of the area. Roxas Blvd, Manila Bay and its sunset - these are iconic in the minds of Pinoys in general. We all want what is best for the area, and for the country.

I hope that forward looking, sensitive minds prevail among those who have the power and authority to decide what to do ...

Ohhhhh - the camera is an early model SLR-type which is pretty much set to autofocus and auto-exposure :-)

My best regards,

cathy_bythesea said...

What an interesting blog you have! I was looking for a steak place and I stumbled onto this. Your writingis very engaging. Why do I get the feeling that this is a creative outlet for a midlife phase? Maybe because I am in one too :) keep it up and my heart is warmed by your devotion to your mother. I think that's really sweet.

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Thanks - and I hope that you find your steak.

Midlife is a good guess - I have bought the car, looked the look, bought the stuff and traveled the world. In the end - I found that everything I need is within me ... a gift from a Power greater than any I could find in my search for answers and fulfillment.

So - I sit with a laptop and share my day with an audience I cannot see - hoping that they see in life what I have seen. After all ... life is short.

Thanks for droppin' by.


cathy_bythesea said...

You summarized perfectly what the midlife journey is all about. Yes, all we need is found within ourselves though sometimes it takes much travel. many nights of the dark soul and great heartache to get to that point. But this is wonderful blog and you show us the way and remind us of the brevity of a life that must always be lived kindly and well.