Friday, August 03, 2007


What do you see?
A girl or a jazz player?

Optical illusions are “visually perceived images that at least in common sense terms are deceptive or misleading “

You cannot always believe your eyes
What you see is not always what you think it is
Your mind, your biases, your expectations may lead you to believe that you are seeing something that is actually not what it seems to be

It is very clear.
Science confirms that the eye to mind continuum can play tricks on you.
You can be brought to the fringe of imagination in a manner that has filled literature with the legends or myths of unidentified flying objects (UFOs), the Loch Ness monster, the abominable snowman or Bigfoot …
Have they actually been seen ?
Not really

Okay, so what is my point?

Well, some of my wifey's friends say that last weekend, they saw me in a Makati bar having the time of my life with a pretty young thing seated on my lap in what they describe as a very endearing moment .

I plead innocent.
I maintain that what they think they saw was an illusion.
Shadows in the dark that were given deceptive interpretation by their over-active imagination.
I may not even have been there at all …

It's possible to sometimes think you see a face or something.
And then maybe not ....
So -
Did they see someone?
Did they see a face ?

Or did they see a liar ?