Sunday, July 29, 2007


My son and I were ready for Sunday dinner.
I was sleepy.
My brain wasn't working.
I asked my son to just make the choice of where we would eat.
I closed my eyes, reclined the right hand car seat, and settled back as he drove to wherever his stomach would lead him ...

"Dad, we're here - my favorite..."
Omakase Restaurant in the Libis area is a second floor casual Japanese nook with innovative ("at the chef's pleasure") preparations that have resulted in an almost cultish following among the younger college and office crowd of the Libis/Katipunan area. I had heard good things about this place - but had never really taken the time to try it.

"Omakase" is a Japanese word which means "entrust". It is most commonly encountered in the setting of Japanese sushi bars where one "entrusts" the chef with producing something that may not be on the menu, but would represent the best that the chef could prepare. In a sense you are putting yourself in the hands of the chef and are asking him to surprise you or astonish you with a delightful sushi preparation.

My son and I settled down.
I allowed him to do the ordering.
He started us with two best sellers :
Jurassic Maki (ebi tempura, ebiko, salmon skin inside + unagi outside) - 230 pesos
Crazy Maki - (spicy tuna, salmon inside + scallion and ebiko outside) - 140 pesos

Both were really good - new...
Not the usual sushi-maki types
A dip of what appeared to be mayo, soy sauce and sesame oil was provided as an alternative to the usual soy sauce wasabi mix

Already I was sold on this place...
We had entrusted the chef
And he had indeed astonished my taste buds
Our mains followed ..
A wonderful gindara and a tasty chicken teppanyaki

Father and son gorged and wiped out the offering like the hungry hippos that we were.
We bantered a while with friends who walked in ...
We laughed as we recalled the week that was
And we exchanged notes on food, girls and cars ...

Another bonding Sunday
I thank God for such moments ...

Omakase Japanese Cuisine
Unit 207 Intrepid Plaza Bldg.
E.Rodriguez Avenue
Libis, Quezon City
(63-2) 437-0075 (63-2) 637-6013

Other Outlets:
Lower Level
Casa Susana Bldg.
Madrigal Avenue, Alabang
(63-2) 771-1443

T. Morato cor. Scout Rallos
Quezon City
(63-2) 412-0002