Monday, August 13, 2007

Mamou - The Sequel

Ok - so what does it take to get a guy to exercise the option of going back to the same restaurant ...
Within a matter of days
With the same girl?

If I wanted to simply impress the girl - I would take her to another restaurant... right?

It makes more sense to the warrior hunter
And it would score more points with the dainty, pretty, cutie "prey"
Errrrr - I mean dainty, pretty, cutie "princess" ....

And yet, there I was
Barely a few days from having just been there
Back again at Mamou ...
For a sequel

It's the food
It's the people
It's the attention one gets
It's the whole dining experience
It's being "home" ...

It was a Monday - and the place was packed
Word-of-mouth is creating a beeline for this wonderful nook
We were extremely lucky that a corner table had just become available
Seated comfortably in our "dwarf" chairs, we marveled at our luck ...

A carafe of white wine started the evening.
This was followed by "Cracked Cheese with Honey and Fuet" (grana pagano cheese with side of honey and fuet catalunian salami) @ 295pesos.

Salami and cheese -with a honey dip ?
This is what is so much fun with Mamou - it is unpredictable
The culinary concoctions have a sense of simple genius that appeals to the child in me who has sometimes been lost in the complexity of my adult cuisine preferences.

Then came the "Steak" - a 400 gm US prime ribeye with sides of baked mashed potatoes and corn pudding @1680pesos.
It came in cut portions ready for sharing.

Let me just say it straight ...
This is the best steak dish I have had in a long while.
Simply salted and spiced , it drowns in its own juices and oil
With just the right amount of fat that creates its own flavor

As if they had detected the child in me (perhaps through the glow in my eyes and the urgency with which I attacked the steak),
I was offered a dip of mayonnaise.
Yeheyyyyyyyyyyy - mayonnaise ...
How whimsical can dining get?
Such a joy ...

Needless to say - the steak was wiped out

Lastly, we had an imaginative Batac Bolognese (spaghetti with Batac Ilocos sausage, fennel and stewed tomato sauce served al dente) @335pesos.
A fusion of Ilocos and Italiano ...
That which they call "Ilocano"

Tasty and playful - this simple interface of two cultures is at once familiar and comfortable.
I thought it could use more tomatoes and a tad more sauce but the dining experience was really becoming so much fun that I didn't mind anymore - I just savored its flavor and its appeal to my adventurous taste buds.

Now - thaaaaaaat was a meal.
That was dining.
That was good.
That was fun.

Oh oh oh - the girl I was with?
She was great too ....
What was her name?????

Mamou - a home kitchen
Unit 1C-15
Ground Flr., Serendra
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(63-2) 8563569



Sidney said...

Lucky girl! Too bad you forgot her name ;-)

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Heyyyyyy Syd,
You are back.
Welcome home.
How was your vacation????

Thanks for droppin' by

Jervis said...

lovely storytelling :D

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Thank you for dropping by.
Mine is a personal life blog. I don't propose to be a culinary expert nor a restaurant critic. I simply try to tell my stories ...
I appreciate that you appreciate it as such ...

Please drop by again.

Sidney said...

Ok, lang. ;-)

Chinggay said...

Looks and Sounds Yummy Tito E! I'll try it soon...

Miss you!


Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Heyyy Chi,
Yup - miss you guys too
I have had some major loads to carry on my shoulders , so I have basically been alone or in very small groups (its funny how you find out how many friends you really have when the "hard times" roll in) But things are getting better ...
We should do a dinner soon.
I will get in touch

docchef said...

have yet to try this one....

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

You won't regret it doc
Highly recommended
Simple eating
Sarap lang talaga - yun lang
Owners are Malou and Oye Fores (yessss Dokie - the Fores family of your alma mater hospital)