Saturday, August 04, 2007

Look For Me

It was an after office hours meeting with a few friends.
There were some not so important matters to discuss .
We wanted a place that was quiet yet calming after a full days work.
We found it.

What a pleasant surprise
Amorsolo Cafe is a cozy little nook that is the food outlet of the Amorsolo Mansions Apartment Suites complex in Legaspi Village
I had never been there before and really didn't know what to expect

A sliding door from the outside opens into a tidy, quiet, calming corner of zen that is a coffee shop with seating for about 40 people.
"Greaaaaaaaat" ... I said as my eyes started appreciating the soothing play of glass, bricks, wenge wood frames, with soft browns and beiges interrupted by tastefully colorful accessories.

I whipped out my laptop to review a few things.
One of the server staff politely handed me a piece of paper with a "password" on it.
"Free Wi-fi ... that is so cool" ... I thought, as I relaxed in my sofa-like chair

There was much to discuss and a lot of new ground to cover ...
But I felt so comfortable that the minutes just zipped by really fast
After a while , I started feeling hungry ... (gosh, when am I ever not hungry ?)

Menu samples range from "breakfast" Spanish Omelet @175pesos to "starter" Mushroom Cappuccino @80pesos to "light fare" Pancit Canton @190pesos to "main course" Salisbury Steak @230pesos to "from the grill" Seafood Skewers with lemon-butter tarragon sauce @275pesos

I felt like a basic "Pancit Canton"
It arrived well presented with shrimps and strips of egg.
And with chopsticks !!!!
I was to eat this ChinoPinoy staple with chopsticks ....
Interesting - because I was expecting a very pedestrian canteen type of pancit
This place is full of surprises

I had planned a quick and short meeting
But with good food, free wi-fi, and a calming quiet ambiance ...
I stayed for more than 3 hours ....
I declare this my "find of the week"

You guys should try it out too.
Look for me.
Mention my name - Daguldol Tarakatac III
It's ok , they don't know me at all ....

Amorsolo Cafe
@Amorsolo Mansions Apartment Suites
130 Amorsolo cor. Herrera Sts.
Legaspi Village
(63-2) 818-6811-19 local 192