Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Solution

I was slowly walking towards a prayer ministry ...
Head bowed
Shoulders slouched
Heavy with the burden of uncertainty
Filled with the fear of the unknown
Hurt by the pain of the past few months

I prayed as hard as I have ever prayed
I strained to listen for the Word
I sang with my arms outstretched to the heavens
I opened my heart ...
and waited.

There was a call for action
The ministry leader asked if anyone would like to come up to the front podium for a blessing
I had always been very shy about such initiatives ...
Often embarrassed
Often ashamed

But today was different
I felt a strength that allowed me to admit to the world that Christ was my center
I heard a voice that said - "go"
I felt a call for announcing my faith
I felt a power over fear

And so ... there I was - in front of the congregation
The power of their prayers surrounding me
I heard the blessing said in my behalf
I felt a hand on my shoulder

I closed my eyes
And felt the presence of the Lord
I broke down in tears
Sobbing like a baby
Shaking like a leaf
Feeling a need to drop to my knees
To hold on to the nearest person to me

It was an experience I cannot explain
I only know that I fear no longer
I feel no weight on my shoulder
I feel no hesitation to move forward
I feel an exuberance for life ...

Yes ... my problems are still there
The solutions - I yet have to see or understand
But God is with me
I know that ... more now than ever
And knowing that ...
Is perhaps the solution in itself

Happy Sunday

" And all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you
because you obey the voice of the LORD your God"
Deuteronomy 28:2


Speedcat Hollydale said...

Good for you, and thanks for sharing your thoughts. It is true that sometimes we are just lost and need the hand of the Lord :-)

I am glad that I stopped in - Speedy

Anonymous said...

I am happy that you have found THE SOLUTION. Don't leave HIM. HE has always been with you and HE will not leave you....ever!

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Thank you Speedy and Nony Mouse - may you both always be blessed with the kind of concern that you are cybersharing with me.

Drop by anytime