Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Really Gettin' Somewhere

The country has been going through some very tough times.
We sure could use some action from our elected legislators ...
Something useful
Something helpful
Something profound
Something that might improve our lives

Well - take heart my dear countrymen
We have been saved.
A press release posted at the website of the Philippine Senate reveals that a bill has been filed in our Senate (SB 2267) - making it punishable by life imprisonment or death plus a fine of anywhere from 100,000-500,000 pesos ... to have sex with a dead person.

Gee whiz ....
Just what we needed.
Now the country can really move forward
Eradicate graft and corruption
Eliminate poverty
Erase terrorism
Control discontent
Propel progress

Peace and order
Consumer power
Global competitiveness
Improved quality of education
Affordable health care

Everything starts with small steps I guess.
So let's exercise our priorities.
First, lets make sure that no one has sex with a dead person,
Then we will take it from there ...

Onward Philippines.
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaay naku.

Now if only someone would file a Senate bill making it unlawful for my wife to pretend that she is dead while having sex ...
then we would really be gettin' somewhere.

Hoyyyyyyyyyy gising !