Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I am a loyalist.
No matter how many new eating places there are ...
I will always gravitate towards my faves even at the price of missing out on something new.

Every so often I get stuck in my "loyal" mode ...
And I will not look at anyone else.
( ... I am the same with my wife - I will not look at anyone else
- that is ... if I ever feel "loyal" )

This week - it was back to an old fave - Duo Restaurant at Serendra.
I feel good there.
I feel important - the staff is friendly and attentive.
They remember your name - remember your drink.
They make an effort ...
And at the end of a hard day with the "boss from hell" ,
A quiet dinner with delicious food and a full-bodied wine
in a feel-good place , is for me - the way to go.

Duo - evolved its name from a concept of "a combination of excellent food and impeccable service".
The centerpiece of its menu offering is its Duo Steak Specials ...
A list of "duos" :
Steak and Foie Gras 750pesos
Steak and Escargot 750pesos @120gm
Surf and Turf 620pesos
Fish and Steak 495pesos
Steak and Calamares 550pesos


Then it has a full range of steak selections including the highly sought after "wagyus".
Tell them how you want it cooked ... and it'll arrive correctly done - a rarity in Manila restos where the doneness is either under or over done to my unending consternation.

So if you see a guy having a correctly done steak and foie gras with a bottle of wine being poured by continuously hovering friendly servers ... it's me.
Come join me.
I am always equally hungry for new friends