Monday, May 07, 2007


Haaaaaay naku ...
It's time to go home

The States is a wonderful place to visit ...
The standard of living is admirably high

But I can't stay here for too long at a time
Its too lonely, too harsh, too introspected
Too much of a rat race
Slaves to their jobs - all running towards the same rainbow
It is not home

I miss the quality of life (as opposed to standard of living)
I miss family, friends, barkada, reunions ...
Merienda, siesta, lamon, lafang
Five-thirsty, kitakits, let's c'mon
Kwentuhan, tuksuhan, joke lang
Lambing, himas, labing-labing
Pakikisama, bahala na, tira sa buwan
Sawsawan, bagoong, chocnut
Tingi, kuwan, ano
Mangga, atis, santol
Burong talangka, itlog na maalat, tuyo

I miss my life ...

I am going home
What a joy
Can't wait
Isang tulog na lang ...

And so I fidget as I wait at the airport
Like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz who follows the yellow brick road ...
I close my eyes, think of home, click my heels and just follow the balikbayan boxes

Boxes - always as if the Pinoy is fleeing a war zone
Boxes - that have that sweet "stateside" smell when you open them
Boxes - that contain everything or nothing - basta mapuno lang
Boxes - scotch tape, masking tape, duct tape

Yes ... the boxes will lead me home
Home ...
I am going home