Friday, May 25, 2007


Hmmmm - something smells "fishy"

A news item in the Los Angeles Times ( has once again given validation to the comedic antics of Filipino politicians during elections. Under the title "Colorful Elections Bring Out Filipinos" - the writer describes poll observations in the Philippines that he obviously feels are incredulous relative to the orderly and regulated manner in which elections are held in the United States.

In at least one observation, I totally agree - and am at the same time laughingly amazed. The article describes where one candidate "who is seeking reelection to city council in Manila's financial district," ... campaigned by ... " handing out thousands of panties to female voters in the barrio ... The women could choose from dozens of colors, but each pair had the candidate's name across the bottom"

Now that is imaginative ...

He deserves to win.

Panties I guess as with most basic commodities in the Philippines have become so expensive that the free panties were just an instant hit. Enough of a hit to get him elected. Hey - you gotta give it to the guy...

Forget the T-shirts, hats, bags, food and any of the other usual election freebies.
Panties ... now that is democracy in action.
Think about it - if you like him - you can keep his name close to the most sensitive spot of your body. If you don't like him - you can give him shit ...

Only in the Philippines.
Goshhhhhhhhhhh - I love this country.