Saturday, May 26, 2007


Pinoy slang that proposes an aspirational character or status to
something, someone or someplace that is of "lesser" social status
than that being aspired for.
As such, someone can be referred to as "sosi" for dressing,
speaking or acting in a higher social manner
than that which is considered of his/her natural persona.
The same aspirational tagging goes for things, accessories, food etc ...

Peydro's is a newly opened outlet in the Mall of Asia that bravely proposes the business model of selling "sosi street food" in a mall. The counter-theme of the "sosi" label being conferred on street food is a marketing challenge that the owners appear to be engaging head-on.

The attempt starts with "slanging" the very common Pinoy name of Pedro by slyly adding a letter "y" - thus, Peydro's.

Barely a month old - Peydro's staple is composed of :
Chicken bowl (parang chicken lollipop) -72 pesos
Squid bowl (parang calamares) - 65 pesos
Fish bowl (parang fish ball) - 67 pesos
All come with a variety of "dips" asian bbque, garlic mayo, herb vinegar and
... ketchup - wowww pa-sosi talaga.

Coming soon will be sisig and other favorites . I suggested kwekkwek, tokneneng, adidas, betamax, chicken skin etc. if they really wanted to create the image of street food...

Their current "mains" are Chili con Hotdog @85pesos and Roast Beef Siopao @89pesos (which I tried).
Pwede pasar
Laman tiyan
Quick meals

The concept needs improvement ...
But I feel it has potential.
Go - give it a try.

Talking about pa-"sosi" ,
Help me naman look for a job for this "sosi" lady whose letter was forwarded to me:

Dear Dagul,

Haller! Foremost of all, I would like to great you of a better days.
I am write becos I wanted to cunsolt my problems. It is my wish upon a starry starry night to work in a call center. I am very great in english words and especially to english languages becoz I was borned in England. I am nonstop to any work. I am also very welling to enter the graveyard ship. Bisides the point, I have a lot of expiriencis in the telephone becos i have lots of phone pals befour. I am really belongs to a call center. But the problems is the acceptance. I already have a round-trip tiket to all the call centers in Libis, Ortigas, and Makati and back again. But they are all for one in their replies.They will just make a telephone call on me. I became sad becoz until now I didn’t receive any telephone calls, either landline or pay phone.
I hope you can help my dreams in finding a call center. Tenks and more powers!

Hold your line,
Lita Lapid


Dear Lita,

The next time you write me, please include a tablet of
Alaxan, Biogesic or Ponstan

Sasabog sa sakit ang ulo ko sa iyo .... bwisit.
Meron ka pang "graveyard ship"... ano ka, seaman?
Kalimutan mo na lang ang call center at magturo ka na lang ng English sa China - mataas din ang sweldo dun.

Humahanga (sa lakas ng apog mo),


Anonymous said...

Alguna relación con la familia Peydro de Argentina?.
Ellos son grandes terratenientes que habitan la capital de ese rico y próspero país de Sudamérica. Son una familia de gran prosapia dedicada en la actualidad a la agricultura, la ganadería, y también transitan con éxito el mundo de la publicidad.
Algunos miembros del Peydro Group decidieron ampliar sus inversiones en Europa con una primera base operativa en Madrid

Anonymous said...

daguldol ... masarap ba sa peydro's? im planning to treat my friend kasi ehh ... nax ... sosyal ampupu ... anyways ... san kaya masarap? adobo republic or peydro's? salamats! \m/rock on! - sasil(

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Huli kong punta sa Peydros last May pa nung medyo soft opening pa sila. Sana bukas pa ...

Anyway parang bangketa fastfood epek lang sila. Ang menu is medyo limited. Maliit yung place - baka mga 10 lang ang kasya so hindi masyadong ayos para sa "date" or barkadahan.

Baka mas maganda sa Adobo Republic (opkors baka biased ako kasi adobo addict ako).

Subukan mo din yung Pupungs sa MOA. Baka pde din dun ...

Good luck.
Mag-enjoy sana kayo.
Tenks for dropping by.