Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Such A Place

It was my son's birthday.
He was of course going to have that weekend party with his "berks" .
For now, we just wanted a private moment as a family.
A nice quiet dinner in a nice quiet place.

In-yo is such a place.
Mix match oriental furniture pieces.
French-Japanese fusion cuisine
Wonderfully friendly staff
Seating of about 15 on the 1st floor
Another 8 on a small veranda
And perhaps 10-12 in a 2nd room floor

Immediately we felt at home in what was in truth 1/3 of a family home transformed into a charming little hidden corner in the busy Katipunan area.

Fusion cuisine is a difficult genre to master, even more difficult to do well in.
Mixing two established cuisines into a new and different one - and yet retain a taste that is both familiar and yet somehow new, is a challenge in which few have succeeded. At In-yo ,they have succeeded ...

Admirable work by Chef Nino Laus of Parallel 45 and Kai fame.

Our first culinary expedition:
Baked Unagi with Pan Seared Foie Gras (this is heavenly)
Duck Leg Confit - served with mango pilaf, buttered asparagus spheres and cherry tomato confit (yummmmmmmmmm)
US Tender Hanging Steak (soft, tender and juicy)

This is worth a visit.
I know we will be back ...

**Reservations are recommended
Look for the very amiable Cris Orocio


No. 66, Esteban Abada
Loyola Hts., Quezon City
+632928-6459 or +639278742611.