Monday, July 23, 2007


Late at night...
Really late
Actually early morning
Really early
Time to go home ...
But my stomach is grumbling

There are few places in Makati that are open 24 hours to partyphiles or drinkophiles like me. Some are expensive as in Peninsula Lobby and Old Swiss Inn - some are incredibly fastfood, as in McDo ...
And some are very interesting - as in Filling Station.

Filling Station is an American-style diner located right smack in the middle of P.Burgos St - that's "girlie" street to you.
Competing with the neon lights that beautify the otherwise plain looking women (and men that look like women - or maybe women that look like men) is an oasis of retro that is an island of "normalcy" in a sea of kink and sleaze.
No pole dancing here - nor tabletop tango ...
Just hamburgers, pizza, pasta, hot dogs ... a full Americana menu served by Betty Boop waitresses.

Resist the ogling at the questionable genders that wave to you through the glass and focus on the place.
It's interiors are a throwback to the 1950's with American memorabilia in such density that it is difficult to visually ingest it all in one sweep.

There are faux gas filler pumps (hence Filling Station ....)
Scattered all over are Elvis, Superman, Batman, Marilyn Monroe paraphernalia and more ...
Just loads and loads of stuff

Gheeez - there are even 1960's television sets that are still working.
Take a seat on the obligatory diner stools or sink into vintage diner booth seats.
Pool tables with vintage Tiffany type lamps mix it up with car parts, old motorcycles, old phones, record players and stuff - more stuff than I have ever seen in one place.
The child in my old body was energized just by being there...

On a late night - dehydrated by alcohol and craving for calories - this is my spot.
It should be yours too...
Look for their amiable manager Gilbert.
Fill 'er up please .....

Filling Station
5012 P. Burgos St.
Makati City
(63-2) 8972053