Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Me: Darleeeeeng - I am going to fart
Wifey: Whaaaaaaaat?
Me: I am going to fart
Wifey: Ohhhhh no pleaaaaaaaaase -not here, the plants will die
Me: I am going to fart... in Quezon City
Wifey: Whaaaaaaat? You are going all the way to Quezon City ... just to fart?
Me: Yes - I am just going to fart ... then I will come back home right away
Wifey: Ewan ... nasira na talaga ang ulo mo ... ( muttering - "that guy has had too much vodka again!#@* )

Fashion+ART or FART as it is more popularly known is a "new concept store for lovers of fashion and art - where young, fast-rising fashion designers and artists showcase their creations"

Happy V. Andrada , an admirable 22 year old entrepreneur is owner/designer of this place along with her sister - Viva. It is a funky 2-storey store cum gallery cum events venue. Filled with racks of young fashion masterpieces and creative costume jewelry, FART also offers by appointment "artistic haircut, hair color&make-up, body tattoo&piercing, hair braiding and dreadlocks.

The store is innovative and clearly youth-focused.
It has a very "happy" feel.
Happy herself is very engaging and clearly an aggressive entrepinay.
She is also an events specialist - and with the display of imagination that I saw in FART, I have no doubt any event that she organizes would be outstanding.

For your funky and punky needs - go FART.

FART - Fashion+Art
K-D corner K-1st Sts.
Kamuning, Quezon City
(63-2) 412-7311


Anonymous said...

wow! thanks great write up... love the dialogue... its really entertaining... come back to f*art soon alryt.. were turning it to santas workshop with elves hehehe -=happy=-

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

I am honored by your visit happy.
I really loved your store and I truly admire your aggressive entrepreneurship.
Of course, I will be dropping by Fart again soon...
Santas workshop? Greaaaaaaaaaaaat