Thursday, July 05, 2007


I had forgotten how beautiful a sunset at Manila Bay could be.
As a young boy, my parents used to bring me to Roxas Boulevard quite often
The "sunset at Manila Bay" was natures 3D IMAX show for our generation.
Nature was our theme park

I remember watching the golden orb of fire
Sinking through the clouds
Disappearing on the horizon
Leaving a glow that lit the fire of imagination in my young and inquisitive mind

I remember my father
Arms around my shoulder
Talking me through a countdown
As the sun disappeared in the distance

In my adult life - there was too much of a life to live
I had forgotten about the wonders of nature as I took on the challenges of modern life
Skylines and superstructures were the wonders of the day
Laptops and plasma screens were the tapestries of the generation

Yesterday - a dear friend of mine invited me for a late afternoon cocktail on his yacht.
Just a short sail around the bay ...
Cold cuts and cheese

It was a breezy afternoon
The waves were a little rough
But that just added to the mystique
I was at sea ... and I loved it

The sunset was mesmerizing
The color catches you immediately
Brilliant oranges and yellows
Reflections skimming over the water
Pinks and lavenders in the surrounding clouds

A work of nature
A work of art
The work of God ...

Wine in our heads
Problems thrown to the wind
Friendship never stronger
In the middle of the sea ...
Solitude and distance
Exactly what I needed ...

God's tapestry
Manila's Bay
A sunset of memories ...

What more could I ask for ?