Saturday, July 21, 2007


July 28 is Hamburger Day in the United States.
Yup ...
There is such a day.
If you google this you will actually stumble into sites that will allow you to send e-cards in celebration of this meaty day.

Empathizing with my American friends, I have started to do my hamburger rounds - a nostalgic trip to old hamburger haunts that I have sorely missed in favor of my fine dining sojourns.

Hamburgers ...
There is agreement that the 1st hamburgers were in fact meat slabs from the city of Hamburg in Germany brought to the New World where it evolved into ground beef patties on buns. Who , where or when this evolution took place is subject to debate but it is clear that hamburgers are the most popular sandwich food in the world today

True to it's copycat character, we in the Philippines have allowed ourselves to love the fastfood McDos, Wendy's etc. - while entrepinoys have created our own local versions of beef patties with fillers and additives that we allow to pass for burgers but really are a far cry from the original grilled ground beef burgers as they were meant to be. Gourmet burgers as offered by fine dining restaurants on the other hand are fusioned culinarily with other tastes and are less "burger" than they are beef meals ...
Besides they are incredulously expensive.

The best bets seem to in be in what are referred to as "mid-tier" burgers. Here we find the wonderfully all beef and truly grilled - BigBrothers, Hot Shots, Flamers and my current winning fave - WHAMBurger.

WHAMBurger - 78pesos
WHAMBurger with cheese - 96pesos
WHAM Burger is juicy, all beef and grilled to your liking.
Lasang beef, lasang grilled ...
Thats the way its supposed to be.

You have a few more days - get in the burger mood.
Celebrate Hamburger Day with a WHAM.

(Now if only we could lobby our comedic Pinoy pols for a Kwek-kwek Day or perhaps a Tokneneng Week ... )

WHAM Burger
201 Blue Ridge Ave.,
Katipunan Extension
Bgy. Milagrosa, Quezon City