Saturday, July 28, 2007


Sisig is a word in the language of the province of Pampanga that originally meant "to snack on something sour". In time the term has come to refer to the favorite beer drinkers "pulutan" (bar chow), which is made basically from chopped pigs cheek, nose, ears - seasoned with kalamansi and chili peppers. Some variants have liver, eggs and pork rind (chicharon) mixed into it. As unpalatable as the mix may sound, when served in its characteristic sizzling plate, "sisig" is a delicious mainstay of Filipino restaurants and Filipino barkada eating marathons.

There is much debate as to which of the many sisig variants, or sources is the best. The city of Angeles in Pampanga is a well recognized origin of many of the recipes that have infiltrated Manila eateries. I previously posted about the legendary Aling Lucing's Sisig. Many will claim the sisig of Dencio's restaurant, Congo Grill or the not so secret Aysee's in Pasig are among the best.

But what if you are alone?
At home?
Beer in hand?

To my cholesterol tripping brethren - I say "worry no more"
Sisig can be had - now in cans.
Open the can - simmer the contents in a pan with onions, additional liver, chili pepper
Or - simply prepare it as a heated dish straight from the can

Sisig in all its splendor

Canned sisig - what will they think of next?
Everything I like is in cans
Coke light, SanMig light, sardines, tuna, vienna saugage, corned beef, spam
And now even pinoy foods like adobo, bopis and sisig
It's as if they are reading my thoughts and putting it in cans ....

Canned thoughts?
Hmmmmmmmmmm - kinda' orgasmic

Sizzling Delights - SISIG
by Purefoods
34.75 pesos per can /150 gms. net weight