Sunday, July 22, 2007


Brasserie - a cafe/restaurant common in France usually with a more relaxed setting than fine dining outlets, though expected to have equally professional service and characteristic good food or dining choices.
Such is the concept behind CUILLERE at Serendra.

It is immediately attractive from the outside what with a "chef" standing by a crepe station inviting passers-by to try this month old baby of Arlene Arce and Chef Katrina Arce Kuhn. The interiors are colorful and playful. It appeared interesting enough to try on a lazy Sunday evening.

The service was a little slow with the service staff clearly intimidated whenever any questions about the menu are thrown their way.

The menu is subdivided into Les Soupes, Les Salades, Les Entrees, Les Pates, Les Snacks, and Les Plats - with special Pour Deux (for two) offerings.

As usual, I benchmarked ...
First was the French Onion Soup - heyyyy how French can you be if you can't make a good French Onion Soup. The portion was small and tasted to me to be rather "oily".

We tried "Epaule d'Agneau" - grilled lamb shoulder on a bed of Ratatouille; Moules Frites - classic french mussels and fries dish; Escargots Pasta and a du jour Prawns Thermidor with Black Ink Risotto.

I am usually all raves when I like a place.
But all I can say for this place is that it is in soft opening - a work in progress.
The culinary intent is wonderful but I think that the execution still needs a lot of work.

I brought up my opinions to the accommodating Chef Katrina and was "educated" that this was a brasserie not a fine dining outlet.
Did that mean my expectations were too high?
Maybe ...
But casual or fine ... French cuisine should be wonderfully gastronomic.

My suggestion to the chef - take opinions in a positive way ...
Strive to be better and consistent

Do I recommend this place?
I recommend that you at least try it ...
And tell me how things went.