Sunday, July 29, 2007


My son and I were ready for Sunday dinner.
I was sleepy.
My brain wasn't working.
I asked my son to just make the choice of where we would eat.
I closed my eyes, reclined the right hand car seat, and settled back as he drove to wherever his stomach would lead him ...

"Dad, we're here - my favorite..."
Omakase Restaurant in the Libis area is a second floor casual Japanese nook with innovative ("at the chef's pleasure") preparations that have resulted in an almost cultish following among the younger college and office crowd of the Libis/Katipunan area. I had heard good things about this place - but had never really taken the time to try it.

"Omakase" is a Japanese word which means "entrust". It is most commonly encountered in the setting of Japanese sushi bars where one "entrusts" the chef with producing something that may not be on the menu, but would represent the best that the chef could prepare. In a sense you are putting yourself in the hands of the chef and are asking him to surprise you or astonish you with a delightful sushi preparation.

My son and I settled down.
I allowed him to do the ordering.
He started us with two best sellers :
Jurassic Maki (ebi tempura, ebiko, salmon skin inside + unagi outside) - 230 pesos
Crazy Maki - (spicy tuna, salmon inside + scallion and ebiko outside) - 140 pesos

Both were really good - new...
Not the usual sushi-maki types
A dip of what appeared to be mayo, soy sauce and sesame oil was provided as an alternative to the usual soy sauce wasabi mix

Already I was sold on this place...
We had entrusted the chef
And he had indeed astonished my taste buds
Our mains followed ..
A wonderful gindara and a tasty chicken teppanyaki

Father and son gorged and wiped out the offering like the hungry hippos that we were.
We bantered a while with friends who walked in ...
We laughed as we recalled the week that was
And we exchanged notes on food, girls and cars ...

Another bonding Sunday
I thank God for such moments ...

Omakase Japanese Cuisine
Unit 207 Intrepid Plaza Bldg.
E.Rodriguez Avenue
Libis, Quezon City
(63-2) 437-0075 (63-2) 637-6013

Other Outlets:
Lower Level
Casa Susana Bldg.
Madrigal Avenue, Alabang
(63-2) 771-1443

T. Morato cor. Scout Rallos
Quezon City
(63-2) 412-0002

Saturday, July 28, 2007


Sisig is a word in the language of the province of Pampanga that originally meant "to snack on something sour". In time the term has come to refer to the favorite beer drinkers "pulutan" (bar chow), which is made basically from chopped pigs cheek, nose, ears - seasoned with kalamansi and chili peppers. Some variants have liver, eggs and pork rind (chicharon) mixed into it. As unpalatable as the mix may sound, when served in its characteristic sizzling plate, "sisig" is a delicious mainstay of Filipino restaurants and Filipino barkada eating marathons.

There is much debate as to which of the many sisig variants, or sources is the best. The city of Angeles in Pampanga is a well recognized origin of many of the recipes that have infiltrated Manila eateries. I previously posted about the legendary Aling Lucing's Sisig. Many will claim the sisig of Dencio's restaurant, Congo Grill or the not so secret Aysee's in Pasig are among the best.

But what if you are alone?
At home?
Beer in hand?

To my cholesterol tripping brethren - I say "worry no more"
Sisig can be had - now in cans.
Open the can - simmer the contents in a pan with onions, additional liver, chili pepper
Or - simply prepare it as a heated dish straight from the can

Sisig in all its splendor

Canned sisig - what will they think of next?
Everything I like is in cans
Coke light, SanMig light, sardines, tuna, vienna saugage, corned beef, spam
And now even pinoy foods like adobo, bopis and sisig
It's as if they are reading my thoughts and putting it in cans ....

Canned thoughts?
Hmmmmmmmmmm - kinda' orgasmic

Sizzling Delights - SISIG
by Purefoods
34.75 pesos per can /150 gms. net weight

Thursday, July 26, 2007


I was watching CNN
There was a feature on tainted Chinese food products
There was mention of formaldehyde, cardboard, exotic animal parts and other yuckies mixed into food products...
Such revelations can be very scary.
My heart started racing ...
My forehead accumulated droplets of sweat
My mind went into a tailspin ...

Was I in danger?
I - who had spent my lifetime addicted ...
Horribly addicted to "KIAMOY"

Kiamoy also known as "red champoy" is a Chinese dried plum, coated with a reddish powder that is extremely salty and sour in a sweet way.
It is a catalyst for salivation.
Just the sight of it or even the thought of it would get my juices going
I would make the rounds of groceries, Aji Ichibans, or even 7-11s till I would find a bag of this precious gem.

Hiding it like a thief in the dark lest anyone tickle my conscience to share it, I would sit in a corner of my bed before sleeping and start...

Slowly ..
First the "winged" portion -little by little
I would keep small bites in my mouth savoring the salty sourness
Patiently I would denude the kiamoy taking my sweet time undressing it to its bareness with my tongue
I would then suck it dry
And in my aggressive moments - I would even crack the seed to get to the weirdly tasting kernel in the middle.

When my patience would run out, I would simply pop a whole in my mouth and suck till it hurt
I would drown it in saliva
And my face would contort into a crumpled look that would clearly have deserved a "picture of the day" award

After a few pieces, my tongue would feel like it had cuts all over it
But that never stopped me
I would go right on and hurt myself even more -
Ang asimmmmmmmmmmmm

My tongue would turn crimson orange over time
And so would my fingers from which I would lick the vestiges of kiamoy powder that would cling to it
Pretty soon ... all my fingers would turn into different shades of orange

The one thing I cannot understand is that when I wake up in the morning , even my balls are colored orange ....
And slightly powdery at that.

I had long accepted that what gave kiamoy its unique saltiness was that in the process of making it, it is baked in a china man's armpit for a few minutes before it is glazed with an elixir of sourness made from the same china man's sweat...
It is therefore "organic"
Therefore healthy

The heck with CNN
No one is gonna take my kiamoy away

Kiamoy@Aji Ichiban

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Great Time

My meetings were end to end, one after the other ...
Sometimes I like it that way because I can end the day earlier
Four meetings in four hours rather than eight
I wish all days were like this
With all the meetings done, I could sneak out of the office early

I was hungry (why oh why isn't that surprising???)
It was early enough for an extended merienda instead of a late dinner as is usually the case with me

So off I was to market , to market ...
Or rather to Market Market
Here in their open food court I would find my favorite merienda
Pancit ...
Specifically - "pancit lucban "
Also more fondly referred to as "pancit habhab"

Lucban is a rustic and historic municipality in the province of Quezon and is located at the footlands of the legendary Mt. Banahaw. It is a festive town known for its annual "Pahiyas" festival - where rows of houses are colorfully decorated with rice based decor. It is a haven for home grown delicacies that are considered favorites beyond the borders of the Quezon province.

The food perhaps most representative of Lucban is the noodle dish that bears its name - Pancit Lucban .
Noodles made from rice flour and eggs, are mixed with sayote, carrots, onions and a sprinkling of liempo kawali type of toppings plus a spicy vinegar mix. In its home setting , it is street food sold by hawkers for about 5pesos per serving. The serving (good for one) is served on a banana leaf without any utensils. One must then develop the talent of slurping it off the leaf (colloquially referred to as "habhab") . Licking is tolerated as it is clearly a yumyum treat ...

A foreign guest of mine once amusingly observed that the "habhab" manner of eating was "so crude", so "tribal"...

I am not sure whether he meant that in a negative way but I found myself immediately answering back ... "on the contrary, it is a very passionate, sexual way of eating - it is almost like foreplay - the trick is not to hit the noodles with your nose while eating it ..."

For those like me who rarely have the time to make the three and a half hour trip to Lucban - pancit habhab is available at BUDDY's at Market Market, Fort Bonifacio as well 3 other BUDDY's outlets in Metro Manila.

Happy slurping.
Better still ... happy licking
Habhab a great time.

Food Court, Fiesta Market
Market Market, Fort Bonifacio
(63-2) 886- 7711

2727 Pililia cor. Kalayaan Avenue
Makati City
(63-2) 99-5991

2948 Kakarong cor Barasoain Sts.
Makati City
(63-2) 895-7165

Tycoon Centre Bldg.
Pearl Drive, Ortigas Business Center
Pasig City
(63-2) 637-3296

All About


" On July 25, 2007, the best nostalgic party Generation X (and everyone else who knows how to stay young enough to still party) has ever experienced is taking
place - right at Greenbelt 2!

Whether you were in Grade 7 chillin' in the playground or in high school knockin' the boots - this is for you. To all the girls that wanna be down and the fellas makin' c.r.e.a.m. to the everyday people - this is for you. For those who sipped mixed cocktails before the prom and let the music take them high - this is for you.

The nineties opened a new door in the world of music and not just in one particular genre. This era created so much "feel good" music with positive vibes that remind us of our late grade school, high school and early college years. Some of the artists responsible for this are still around today and others have faded into oblivion. But their music will forever live on in our hearts, minds and our "mixed tapes".

Remember the music, dance to the music, sing to the music. Don't be shy cause when you look around, everyone will be doing the same. You know you want to!

On July 25, 2007, the best nostalgic party Generation X (and everyone else who knows how to stay young enough to still party) has ever experienced is taking place - right at Greenbelt 2!

Whether you were in Grade 7 chillin' in the playground or in high school knockin' the boots - this is for you. To all the girls that wanna be down and the fellas makin' c.r.e.a.m. to the everyday people - this is for you. For those who sipped mixed cocktails before the prom and let the music take them high - this is for you.

The nineties opened a new door in the world of music and not just in one particular genre. This era created so much "feel good" music with positive vibes that remind us of our late grade school, high school and early college years. Some of the artists responsible for this are still around today and others have faded into oblivion. But their music will forever live on in our hearts, minds and our "mixed tapes".

Remember the music, dance to the music, sing to the music. Don't be shy cause when you look around, everyone will be doing the same. You know you want to! "

**Scrambled Edge - your top urban events madhat organizers bring the decibels up and the alcohol flowing. Partyphiles rub elbows with the ageless Louie Y.
See ya there -I will be in black and zonked over a few vodkas

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


@ Red

Red’s Chef De Cuisine, Ruediger Lurz designs a special set menu paired with Premium Reserved Wines from Mondavi. Special guest Rick Boyer, winemaker of Robert Mondavi Private Selection, will fly in from California for this special dinner set on July 31, 2007 7:00pm at Red for Php 3,750 per person.

For inquiries and reservations, please call Restaurant Reservations and Information Centre at Tel: 840 0884 or 813 8888 ext. 7588/7599.

Ayala Avenue corner Makati Avenue,
Makati City 1200, Philippines
Tel: (632) 813 8888 Fax: (632) 813 5499
E-mail address:

** Shangri-La Makati's fine dining outlet,RED - has always been one of my favorite formal, fine dining venues. Impeccable service, excellent gourmet food, and an extensive wine selection. This Mondavi special is another example of how Red leads the pack in fine dining.

So - if you are looking for an expensive gourmet experience ...
I guess, this is it.
Save up some money - and make sure that "she" (or "he")is worth it.
See ya ...

Monday, July 23, 2007


Late at night...
Really late
Actually early morning
Really early
Time to go home ...
But my stomach is grumbling

There are few places in Makati that are open 24 hours to partyphiles or drinkophiles like me. Some are expensive as in Peninsula Lobby and Old Swiss Inn - some are incredibly fastfood, as in McDo ...
And some are very interesting - as in Filling Station.

Filling Station is an American-style diner located right smack in the middle of P.Burgos St - that's "girlie" street to you.
Competing with the neon lights that beautify the otherwise plain looking women (and men that look like women - or maybe women that look like men) is an oasis of retro that is an island of "normalcy" in a sea of kink and sleaze.
No pole dancing here - nor tabletop tango ...
Just hamburgers, pizza, pasta, hot dogs ... a full Americana menu served by Betty Boop waitresses.

Resist the ogling at the questionable genders that wave to you through the glass and focus on the place.
It's interiors are a throwback to the 1950's with American memorabilia in such density that it is difficult to visually ingest it all in one sweep.

There are faux gas filler pumps (hence Filling Station ....)
Scattered all over are Elvis, Superman, Batman, Marilyn Monroe paraphernalia and more ...
Just loads and loads of stuff

Gheeez - there are even 1960's television sets that are still working.
Take a seat on the obligatory diner stools or sink into vintage diner booth seats.
Pool tables with vintage Tiffany type lamps mix it up with car parts, old motorcycles, old phones, record players and stuff - more stuff than I have ever seen in one place.
The child in my old body was energized just by being there...

On a late night - dehydrated by alcohol and craving for calories - this is my spot.
It should be yours too...
Look for their amiable manager Gilbert.
Fill 'er up please .....

Filling Station
5012 P. Burgos St.
Makati City
(63-2) 8972053


My sister-in-law who is also a dear friend recently returned from a short trip to the United States. She gave me some candies as "pasalubong". With a smile she said - "I just had to buy these for you when I saw them coz' it was just so you ..."

I am of course very thankful that I was remembered.
I just didn't understand why she would find it irresistable to have bought these for me.
And why she would associate these with me.

After much thought ...
I finally realized that it must be because she somehow found out that I am secretly very fond of candy.

Thank you so much sis !

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Brasserie - a cafe/restaurant common in France usually with a more relaxed setting than fine dining outlets, though expected to have equally professional service and characteristic good food or dining choices.
Such is the concept behind CUILLERE at Serendra.

It is immediately attractive from the outside what with a "chef" standing by a crepe station inviting passers-by to try this month old baby of Arlene Arce and Chef Katrina Arce Kuhn. The interiors are colorful and playful. It appeared interesting enough to try on a lazy Sunday evening.

The service was a little slow with the service staff clearly intimidated whenever any questions about the menu are thrown their way.

The menu is subdivided into Les Soupes, Les Salades, Les Entrees, Les Pates, Les Snacks, and Les Plats - with special Pour Deux (for two) offerings.

As usual, I benchmarked ...
First was the French Onion Soup - heyyyy how French can you be if you can't make a good French Onion Soup. The portion was small and tasted to me to be rather "oily".

We tried "Epaule d'Agneau" - grilled lamb shoulder on a bed of Ratatouille; Moules Frites - classic french mussels and fries dish; Escargots Pasta and a du jour Prawns Thermidor with Black Ink Risotto.

I am usually all raves when I like a place.
But all I can say for this place is that it is in soft opening - a work in progress.
The culinary intent is wonderful but I think that the execution still needs a lot of work.

I brought up my opinions to the accommodating Chef Katrina and was "educated" that this was a brasserie not a fine dining outlet.
Did that mean my expectations were too high?
Maybe ...
But casual or fine ... French cuisine should be wonderfully gastronomic.

My suggestion to the chef - take opinions in a positive way ...
Strive to be better and consistent

Do I recommend this place?
I recommend that you at least try it ...
And tell me how things went.

Saturday, July 21, 2007


July 28 is Hamburger Day in the United States.
Yup ...
There is such a day.
If you google this you will actually stumble into sites that will allow you to send e-cards in celebration of this meaty day.

Empathizing with my American friends, I have started to do my hamburger rounds - a nostalgic trip to old hamburger haunts that I have sorely missed in favor of my fine dining sojourns.

Hamburgers ...
There is agreement that the 1st hamburgers were in fact meat slabs from the city of Hamburg in Germany brought to the New World where it evolved into ground beef patties on buns. Who , where or when this evolution took place is subject to debate but it is clear that hamburgers are the most popular sandwich food in the world today

True to it's copycat character, we in the Philippines have allowed ourselves to love the fastfood McDos, Wendy's etc. - while entrepinoys have created our own local versions of beef patties with fillers and additives that we allow to pass for burgers but really are a far cry from the original grilled ground beef burgers as they were meant to be. Gourmet burgers as offered by fine dining restaurants on the other hand are fusioned culinarily with other tastes and are less "burger" than they are beef meals ...
Besides they are incredulously expensive.

The best bets seem to in be in what are referred to as "mid-tier" burgers. Here we find the wonderfully all beef and truly grilled - BigBrothers, Hot Shots, Flamers and my current winning fave - WHAMBurger.

WHAMBurger - 78pesos
WHAMBurger with cheese - 96pesos
WHAM Burger is juicy, all beef and grilled to your liking.
Lasang beef, lasang grilled ...
Thats the way its supposed to be.

You have a few more days - get in the burger mood.
Celebrate Hamburger Day with a WHAM.

(Now if only we could lobby our comedic Pinoy pols for a Kwek-kwek Day or perhaps a Tokneneng Week ... )

WHAM Burger
201 Blue Ridge Ave.,
Katipunan Extension
Bgy. Milagrosa, Quezon City

Friday, July 20, 2007

Pic of the Moment #2

We have all had those days...
Dead tired
We fall asleep in our work clothes
Flop into bed
Or on a couch
Zonked ...

Just make sure you are visible
Or your big fat wife (or is that my wife) - may just sit on you

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Such A Place

It was my son's birthday.
He was of course going to have that weekend party with his "berks" .
For now, we just wanted a private moment as a family.
A nice quiet dinner in a nice quiet place.

In-yo is such a place.
Mix match oriental furniture pieces.
French-Japanese fusion cuisine
Wonderfully friendly staff
Seating of about 15 on the 1st floor
Another 8 on a small veranda
And perhaps 10-12 in a 2nd room floor

Immediately we felt at home in what was in truth 1/3 of a family home transformed into a charming little hidden corner in the busy Katipunan area.

Fusion cuisine is a difficult genre to master, even more difficult to do well in.
Mixing two established cuisines into a new and different one - and yet retain a taste that is both familiar and yet somehow new, is a challenge in which few have succeeded. At In-yo ,they have succeeded ...

Admirable work by Chef Nino Laus of Parallel 45 and Kai fame.

Our first culinary expedition:
Baked Unagi with Pan Seared Foie Gras (this is heavenly)
Duck Leg Confit - served with mango pilaf, buttered asparagus spheres and cherry tomato confit (yummmmmmmmmm)
US Tender Hanging Steak (soft, tender and juicy)

This is worth a visit.
I know we will be back ...

**Reservations are recommended
Look for the very amiable Cris Orocio


No. 66, Esteban Abada
Loyola Hts., Quezon City
+632928-6459 or +639278742611.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Me: Darleeeeeng - I am going to fart
Wifey: Whaaaaaaaat?
Me: I am going to fart
Wifey: Ohhhhh no pleaaaaaaaaase -not here, the plants will die
Me: I am going to fart... in Quezon City
Wifey: Whaaaaaaat? You are going all the way to Quezon City ... just to fart?
Me: Yes - I am just going to fart ... then I will come back home right away
Wifey: Ewan ... nasira na talaga ang ulo mo ... ( muttering - "that guy has had too much vodka again!#@* )

Fashion+ART or FART as it is more popularly known is a "new concept store for lovers of fashion and art - where young, fast-rising fashion designers and artists showcase their creations"

Happy V. Andrada , an admirable 22 year old entrepreneur is owner/designer of this place along with her sister - Viva. It is a funky 2-storey store cum gallery cum events venue. Filled with racks of young fashion masterpieces and creative costume jewelry, FART also offers by appointment "artistic haircut, hair color&make-up, body tattoo&piercing, hair braiding and dreadlocks.

The store is innovative and clearly youth-focused.
It has a very "happy" feel.
Happy herself is very engaging and clearly an aggressive entrepinay.
She is also an events specialist - and with the display of imagination that I saw in FART, I have no doubt any event that she organizes would be outstanding.

For your funky and punky needs - go FART.

FART - Fashion+Art
K-D corner K-1st Sts.
Kamuning, Quezon City
(63-2) 412-7311

Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th ...
Today I turned a year older

It has been a year of bad luck for me.
Problems have beset me
I have at times emotionally collapsed under the weight of my burden
Family and friends have been my sanctuary
As I drift in these waves of uncertainty
God has been the Almighty power that has kept me anchored

I wanted to end the day with a prayer
I dropped by the Baclaran church - it was past 11pm
Late, dark , unpredictable ...
This was not the safest place to be at close to midnight
As I opened my car doors, my eye caught a few shadows moving in the trees
Then a few more moving swiftly towards me
My impulse was to close the door and drive away
But then I heard music ...
They were singing
"Happy birthday to you ,happy birthday to you ... "

It was a surprise
Street kids I had helped
'Watch your car' boys I had listened to
Vendors I had simply talked to
Simple people
Materially poor but spiritually rich
Wishing me a happy birthday
In a parking lot
Within the shadow of a church of God

I sat with them awhile
Under the shadow of a churchyard tree
We crossed the street and had an impromptu party at a Chow King outlet
We talked about life
I said how much I appreciated them
Teary eyed - they said thank you for all that they considered to be my kindnesses

Friday the 13th
A day of reflection
A day of renewing my commitment to help the needy
To dedicating my strength to helping others
To finding fullfillment in the mission of goodness and kindness

Friday the 13th
It was my birthday
My day started with the weight of the world upon my shoulders
It ends with the focus on my own problems somehow being lessened
I will go to sleep now with a smile
With a prayer
And a question ...

"In the evening of my life I shall look to the sunset,
At a moment in my life when the night is due.
And the question I shall ask only I can answer
Was I brave and strong and true?
Did I fill the world with love my whole life through?"

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


It was a rainy evening.
I was looking for some place cozy
I didn't feel like I wanted to be in a glitzy restaurant
Neither in a the frenzy of a mall and its hundreds of hungry hordes

A comfort zone with comfort food

Apartment 1B is where ...

Located on the ground floor of one of the Salcedo Village condominiums in Makati, this charming nook has been architecturally treated to remind one of the old-style Manila apartments complete with a narrow stairway leading to a wonderful mezzanine that seats 40. A mix match of sofas, chairs and tables adds to the modernly nostalgic living room feel. This place exudes warmth and makes one feel at home right away ...

Owner Chef Marivic Diaz-Lim cooks up what is billed as "gourmet comfort food".
I benchmarked her Spaghetti Bolognese as well as her Beef Burger (with cheddar cheese and bacon).
Passed with flying colors .
I am planning a dinner there for 30 friends this weekend, so I guess I liked it ...

Ohhhhh ... they have a breakfast menu served till 3pm.
Great for weekend snoozers like me.

Apartment 1B
Ground Floor
One Lafayette Square
132 LP Leviste cor. Sedeno Sts.
Salcedo Village, Makati
Tel. (63-2) 8434075

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Pic of the Moment #1

This picture is truly "uplifting".
As a matter of fact, I have been uplifted so much, my pants are getting tight.
Can't take my eyes of her Google ...
I am not an Explorer, but if I could just search her engine, that would really give me reason to Yahooooooo .

Friday, July 06, 2007

Friday's on a Friday

It's Friday - what better way to end the week than at TGI Friday's.

Two weeks ago TGI Friday's opened its 7th outlet at my new fave destination - the walking park cum mall -Bonifacio High Street. Brand new and spankin' clean, I just had to try this new outlet of an American franchise that really made its mark in the Metro Manila scene when it opened its 1st outlet in 1995. Since then it has been a dependable destination for fans of American food faves.

Typically colorful and adorned with deco lamps instead of the trademark Tiffany lamps, this outlet is characteristically plastered with period memorabilia. TGI Friday's at Bonifacio High Street is naturally attractive to the eye. Its cuisine does not disappoint.

It's hard to believe that it has been more than ten years since I first fell for its charm... not to mention its World Famous Burger and lip-smackin' Buffalo Wings

A glass enclosed smoking area is highlighted by an attractively lit bar where if you are lucky, you will catch a bartender constantly practicing his bottle juggling moves. Creatively uniformed servers are friendly and eager to please.

If you haven't been to a TGI Friday's in a while ...
This outlet is worth a visit.

Thursday, July 05, 2007


I had forgotten how beautiful a sunset at Manila Bay could be.
As a young boy, my parents used to bring me to Roxas Boulevard quite often
The "sunset at Manila Bay" was natures 3D IMAX show for our generation.
Nature was our theme park

I remember watching the golden orb of fire
Sinking through the clouds
Disappearing on the horizon
Leaving a glow that lit the fire of imagination in my young and inquisitive mind

I remember my father
Arms around my shoulder
Talking me through a countdown
As the sun disappeared in the distance

In my adult life - there was too much of a life to live
I had forgotten about the wonders of nature as I took on the challenges of modern life
Skylines and superstructures were the wonders of the day
Laptops and plasma screens were the tapestries of the generation

Yesterday - a dear friend of mine invited me for a late afternoon cocktail on his yacht.
Just a short sail around the bay ...
Cold cuts and cheese

It was a breezy afternoon
The waves were a little rough
But that just added to the mystique
I was at sea ... and I loved it

The sunset was mesmerizing
The color catches you immediately
Brilliant oranges and yellows
Reflections skimming over the water
Pinks and lavenders in the surrounding clouds

A work of nature
A work of art
The work of God ...

Wine in our heads
Problems thrown to the wind
Friendship never stronger
In the middle of the sea ...
Solitude and distance
Exactly what I needed ...

God's tapestry
Manila's Bay
A sunset of memories ...

What more could I ask for ?

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


My son casually sauntered into my room and lay down beside me as he does many times when he just wants to talk.

Father and son
Just a casual moment
Talking about everything and nothing

These are the moments that are truly priceless.
I treasured them through the years as my son grew up
Grew up - into the 20 year old that he is now
A 20 year old - all grown and ready for the world
But still " Dad's little boy" in my mind ...
And in my heart

"Dad, Dad" ... says he
"Listen to this pick-up line" ... he continues
"Uhmmmm , excuse me - is this seat taken? 'Coz I'm not ... "
"Hahahahaha - whadya think Dad? Whadya think?" - he asks as he anticipates a reaction

These are the memories I will carry with me till the last of my days
My son and I
In one of the many seriously comical moments we have had

I say ...
"Well - do you actually expect anyone to fall for that anak?
It is kinda' ... "
We realize that a girl would have to be crazy to even just respond to a line like that
We look at each other and crack up just laughing.
We spend the next hour exploring the most useless of pick-up lines and laughing at ourselves...

Father and son
Just enjoying life
Priceless ...

Top Ten Pick-up Lines (that would never work)

1. Hi! I lost my phone number, can I have yours?
2. Screw me if I am wrong, but I really think that we have met before ...
3. If I told you that you had a hot body, would you hold it against me?
4. Excuse me, but do you think we could get something straight between us.
5. Sana letter "T" na lang ako -para I'm always right next to "U"
6. Naniniwala ka ba sa love at first sight? - Or gusto mong dumaan ulit ako?
7. Pwede bang magpa-picture na kasama ka? - Baka ma-develop tayo e!
8. Pinaglihi ka ba sa keyboard? - Kasi type kita e ...
9. Excuse me, are you Jamaican? - Kasi Ja-maican me crazy ...
10. Excuse me, posporo ka ba? Kasi posporo din ako - e di "match" tayo