Thursday, March 29, 2007


I am looking for Spartans.
... the undefeatable rubber slippers.

Trusted over the years.
Fighting its way through the toughest of floods, mud, dust and dirt ...

Favored by the winds to dominate the kalyes, palengkes, bukid and bulubundukin

Coming together to defeat the threat of hundreds of thousands of invading Havaianas - those expensive, overrated, overdecorated tsinelas. Swarovskis and gemstones aside ... they are still tsinelas. Nothing but tsinelas...

" And if tsinelas they be ...
Eh di sa Spartan na lang ako.
Comfortable enough for me
Maski ilakad nang malayo

Whatever adorns your feet
The smell remains the same
So why be faddishly "neat"
All you're paying for is the name ... "

Spartans unite .
Prepare for glory.