Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Dok Is In

Yes ... the "dok" is in.
ANDOK's that is ...

ANDOK's - the dominant sidewalk chain of litson manok and litson liempo has for decades been a landmark of Metro Manila sidewalks. Typically - the ANDOK's outlets are coal-fired roaster bins with rotating skewers and sky high smoke exhaust stacks. Once an exclusively outdoor haven for affordable "take-out" chicken and liempo ... Andok's has started to move indoors.

More and more Andok's 24hour dine-in outlets are starting to open to give their competetors a run for their money. The legendary Andok's taste can now be enjoyed as a fast-food, sit-down and dine experience. It's about time ...

Or should I say ... it's about taste.
The best in its class I think. Heyyyyy ... I can't even remember the name of the other litson manok wannabe.

Aside from the usual suspects of lechon manok and liempo plus the menacingly delicious Dokito Frito - one now has choices that include porkcharap, inihaw na bangus, crispy pata, pork dokitori and all day agahan (longganisa, tapa, tocino or daing with rice and fried egg). Self service and pay as you order are the only rules ... so let your hair down ... Andoks na tayo - saraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap - sobra pa sa finger lickin' to the bone. Ito ang tunay na joy sa chicken. Kainan naaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ...........

Nagpapulong Ang Dok sa mga poultry raiser:

Raiser No. 1: Nadinig po namin sa radyo na kapag
hinaluan ng mane ang patuka sa manok ay
nagingitlog agad ang mga ito.
Raiser No. 2: Cguro, kung purong mane nalang ang
ipatutuka sa mga manok ay mas maraming itlog ang lalabas.
Ang Dok: Ahhhhhh, oo. - Ako nga, pakitaan mo lang ng mane e
labas kaagad ang itlog ko eh!!!