Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thanks Dad

I'm baaaack

I am really back ...
I think
I hope

I know I’m back
We’ll see

I pray

I started this blog with a passion.
... a passion that was crystallized by the loss of my father. There was so much I wanted to tell the world. So much of myself that I wanted to show, to reveal, to share. In retrospect, I perhaps was really talking to my father ... revealing to him in death much of what I was unable to do so in life.

My relationship with my Dad did not end at death but perhaps moved to reach its perfection. That was the secret hope that drove me, ... a hope that proved true as time went by. Our relationship found life in reflection, recollection, revelation ...

Indeed, I have already come to experience a better understanding and appreciation of my Dad. I can now say things in my heart that I was afraid to share with him when he was alive. And from where he is, I know that he is smiling as he smothers me with his angel wings and whispers in my soul’s ear ... “I know anak ... I have always known. Go and live your life as it is . Have fun. Be happy. Be good. And know that I am always here”

And so this blog lives on.
I will continue to tell the stories of my life...
experiences, preferences, opinions.

I will share and reach out.
I will tell and ask.
I will think and learn.
I will hope and pray.

"Govern thy life and thoughts
as if the whole world were to see the one,
and read the other."
-Thomas Fuller -


tess said...


Good that you are back ... I miss working with you and being under your watchful eyes for more than 10 years. WOW!!! That was a long time. But that was how I honed my skills, gained confidence and learned my craft- under your mentorship. And now, by reading your blogs, it is like working with you again, but in a different dimension. It will always be an honor to be able listen to your thoughts DR. ERNIE- even how funny or how heart-tugging or how thought provoking they may be. May GOD bless you always NINONG...

chinggay said...

Im super GLAD you're back! I have not checked this site since you stopped blogging.. This used to be the first thing id do as soon as i got to the office.. but i checked and i checked and i checked and you just STOPPED! then i stopped checking..

It was only now that i checked again and i'm, so happy that i have 4 months worth of blogs to read... yahoo!

I miss you tito ernie!