Monday, March 26, 2007


As the Baywalk and Malate area of Roxas Blvd. has (I think correctly) been given back to the huddled masses of the Filipino poor through the succesful Lito Atienza experiment of gentrifying Roxas Blvd. in a very gaudy Shanghai way - few places provide comfort to the "sosyal" who want to experience Roxas Blvd. in a more subdued and detached manner.

Until now ...
Welcome MAMBO

Mambo is an al fresco restaurant bar located in the open air lobby of The Ramon Magsaysay Center on Roxas Blvd. The Ramon Magsaysay Center is an iconic building built in 1967 by AJLuz and Associates. It has stood as an island of subtle, calm, strong architecture on the Bay even as commercialism started to creep up on its surrounds.

Mambo is set up with a lighted bar and green-spotlighted palms. Its tables are candle lit and are set for casual fine dining as opposed to the pedestrian beer based dining across the street. It is a nice quiet way to experience Roxas Blvd. - it's like you are there, an arms length away from the chaos of the pedestrian Baywalk - but somehow not.

It has a full range of steaks - wonderfully grilled to your preference, as well as European based samplers like Black Linguine, Lengua, and Callos. Oxtail Karekare and Ninatokang Hipon represent Philippine cuisine among the choices.

Price points are unbelievably affordable.
Wines provided by Philippine Wine Merchants complete the culinary experience.

If you are lucky - you will soon catch them with live acoustic dinner ambient music. Seating is for about 100-150. Mambo would be great for small group dinners, cocktails, product launches, debuts, birthdays etc. Calling all "eventologists" ...

It's a great option for an al fresco sit-down for two.
Feel the breeze.
Watch the cars zip by.
Watch the happy frenzy of the crowd across the boulevard...

I have been there alone.
I have brought friends and family.
And I plan to be back.

You should mambo on over there too ...

Wifey: Hoy, mister!! cno 'tong "Baby" na nagtetext sa iyo ... ha?!
Dagul: Aaaah, lalake yan - kumpare ko, "Baby" lang ang palayaw
Wifey: Ganun ba? Sabi nya di raw kayo 2loy at my mens daw sya ...

( oooooooooooooooooooooooooooops ... mambo mambo nabuko )


Anonymous said...

"Filipino poor," again, who are you to talk that way?

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

I am saying that turning what once was a haven for elites and 'sosyals" into a destination for the less fortunate was a "correct" thing to do.

"Poor" is a reality of the Philippine situation. A great majority is unemployed, underemployed or underpaid. To accept that reality is the first step to changing the situation for the better. If there is no problem, then there is nothing to change.

To use more politically correct language to describe reality would be a denial of the truth.

There is no derogatory intent. There is only joy on my part that Baywalk exists not for the elite but for everyone from all walks of life. I am in Baywalk often. I enjoy being there. I have friends there. That is why I write about it - hoping people will go.

Thanks for the comment.
I will take note of your sensitivities. Writing is a dynamic process - I learn a lot by listening to comments like yours.

Anonymous said...

Boldface and italicized text is difficult (and a little annoying) to read onscreen. You may want to consider reformatting everything and placing it all in a regular plain font.

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Thank you.
Your point is well taken.
I am a novice in the technical side of this blogging bit - I will try to find the settings that will make things more readable.

Kai said...

Thanks for the info.. ive been dying to go check out the place.. and i might just go there with my honey nect week├╝ Nice Blogs btw..

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Thanks kai
Hope you enjoy mamboing with your honey :)

Kai said...

dyu mind if i qoute some and get pix as well from this blog?├╝

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Shucks ... I am blushing.
The blog is "quotable" ?

Please inform me of your site/blog so I can visit as well. Please use quotes with respect of its context. Use discriminately ...the blog has no agenda except to express the joys, pains, pleasures, emotions of my life. Please do not use in a manner that might put the blog or daguldol in a bad light.
Good luck in your own writing.I would love to link with you through my "They Visit, I Visit" links.
And thanks for dropping by again.