Sunday, April 01, 2007

Folded and Piled

Tatami (畳)
(originally meaning "folded and piled")
mats of woven straw bordered by brocade or green cloth,
are a traditional flooring used in many homes in Japan.

Serendra Piazza in Fort Bonifacio is where I end up when I don't want to go through the cerebral exercise of "where to eat?" . The strip is progressively being populated . I like the fact that it is spacious, breezy, clean , is choc full of resto choices and is crawling with interesting people (a must for a people-watcher like me).

One of my fave spots? - TATAMI.

Tatami is a small, cozy, moderne version of a Japanese restaurant. Impeccably interiored by owner/architect Ana Rocha, the place is a visual as well as a culinary draw.

Japanese minimalist is cleverly tweaked with touches of ceramic ware, and touches of wire based "floral" arrangements. Diner type seating is done in glazed concrete and covered with "tatami" inspired matting.

Service is impeccable with some of the friendliest staff in town.

Ohhhhhhh .... the food?
Yup yup ... the food is great if you like a slightly Filipinized version of Japanese food.
Tip: - "spicy tuna sashimi" is to die for.
Makimoto, temaki, sashimi, sushi, donburi, Yakimono, teppanyaki, agemono ... and more.
Don't forget the Angus Ribeye Fried Rice.

And if you catch a glimpse of the owner - strike up a conversation - she will fill your night with laughter.


Serendra Piazza Ground Level

Fort Bonifacio, Taguig

Tel. 901-1870, 901-1871