Sunday, March 11, 2007

Gran Caffe Casanova

It was Saturday.
I needed to discuss a few things with my "manlolawyer".

He asked that we meet at Starbucks on Temple St. in the Corinthian Hills area. I arrived early and was pleasantly surprised at how the area had developed. Starbucks was Starbucks ... same old same old ...
But beside it was a wonderful find...
Gran Caffe Casanova (Ristorante Italiano).

This nook has apparently been around for almost a year, but is already under new management.
Curious ...

Small, cozy, and intimate - the interior is clearly Venetian inspired. An open kitchen adds to the Italian flair. A service bar with lighted fresco painted theme adds to the charm. I was mesmerized ... such an unexpected but pleasant discovery.

Outside though was the real prize ... a wonderful al fresco area overlooks the Pasig-Antipolo transition landscape. It was a cool night. Tivoli lights and potted plants completed the Tagaytay-like sitting. It's like being in the mountains - but not.

The menu is typically Italian - pasta, pizza, primi, secundi ... The food is well intentioned but really needs some taste adjustment. It is more comfort eating than gourmet.

A charming lady owner named "Shai" is not so shy...
She engages guests in conversation, and makes sure that everything works like clockwork. Italian manager Mauro is also very pleasant. The service crew is friendly and attentive.

Do I sound like this place?

For a quiet casual dress down evening with a significant other just talking under the stars on a cool Metro night with Italian music in the background while wine and pizza sinks into your system ... yup, I guess this is a great spot.

Gran Caffe Casanova
The Clubhouse on Temple Drive
Corinthian Hills
Tel. 638-2989