Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Fat Fries

"Irasshaimase... "
You've have heard this welcome endless times as you enter a Japanese restaurant.
There is that distinctive soy sauce smell in the air.
The servers bow... and your mind starts running towards sushi and tempura.

Then you look at the menu ...
Huh ??????
Hamburgers , french fries and a coke ????

You are in SANGO .
This Japanese burger joint recently turned one year old ... and it is still drawing converts back to its delicious burgers and fries. Owned and run by a Japanese "burgermaster" who worked for many years in Japans famous Mos Burger chain, this has to be one of the best burger places in town.

The place is a fusion of fast food and Zen.
Very clean.
LCD TV in one corner.
Japanese magazines in another.
If you are lucky, the owner will hand you a self-made origami creation.

Anoh ?
Hamboorjher na gawa ng hapon?
Ano yun ... feeling hopia?
Katawatawa ...

In truth , the burgers are greaaaat.
Choose from their standards:
Hamburger - 50pesos
Cheese Burger - 65pesos
Master Burger - 88pesos (recommended)
Teriyaki Burger - 80pesos
Tonkatsu Burger - 85pesos

Or challenge the McRice yuckies with Sango's Yakiniku Rice Burger or Kimpira Rice Burger.
Top things off with really good, really fat French Fries ...

You have got to try this to appreciate the concept.
Sa sobrang sarap ... maninigaska
Hainaku !

MasterBurger and Fries

Throw away the McRice -
welcome to Sango

Sango - The Burgermaster
Room 5, Ground Floor
Creekside Mall
Amorsolo St., Makati
(63-2) 830-0391