Thursday, March 22, 2007


Manny Pacquiao is the Filipino boxing hero of the moment.
"Emmanuel Dapigran Pacquiao" was born on December 17, 1978 in Bukidnon province of Mindanao, Philippines. Fondly known as "Pacman" - as if to refer to the relentless spree of overcoming one opponent after the other, Manny is already much more than a boxing champion.

Product endorsements
"Off key" songs
TV appearances
Expanding business empire
Politics (?) - please,please.... no

And now, a restaurant cum sidewalk bar at Manila's famed Baywalk by the Manila Bay.
Predictably, the place is called "Knockout". Bar chow, beer, drinks, and entertainment in the form of music bands and performers playing their music in the middle of a stage configured like a boxing ring.
The food is typical, gorgable barchow faves - calamari, gambas, fried chicken wings etc.

The servers are very pretty after 2 beers - after 4, I am convinced they can't take their eyes off of me. The music from the bands is typically loud and consistently off-key - but somehow being in the Pacmans realm is magnet enough to pack the place even on weekdays.

The crowd is a curious mix of locals, expats, kibitzers, women of the night ... actually even men, and OCs (usiseros) like me. On most nights, there is a cool ocean breeze .The ambiance is lively as conversations increase in volume proportional to the number of beers per table. Its a happy place ... it'll knock you out.

KNOCKOUT Outdoor Resto/Bar
Roxas Blvd. by Manila Bay


Minnie Puno said...

Hey Ernie... you're back! I enjoyed reading all your posts since November last year. One really feels your whole gamut of emotions as you give us a peek into your life as it happens... melancholic yet inspiring and with lots of laughter still! Keep blogging!

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Thanks for dropping in.
My therapy continues ... the blog lives on.