Saturday, March 17, 2007


It was a very bad day at the office ...
I needed a drink ...
No, I needed a few drinks.

Hmmmmmm, where to go?

I ended up in the newest hotel based watering hole in town.
MARTINIS Bar is a cozy, neo interiored, warm, comfortable bar at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Makati. It opened just recently, and already it is fast becoming a fave among Societe de Manilles happy hour and post dinner crowd. I ran into some of society pages' usual suspects. I spent some time with the hand shakes, the "beso-beso" and the small talk - then I gravitated to a table all by myself. That's the way I wanted it ... this was precious alone time for me

Martinis Bar is located at street level of the Makati Avenue side of the hotel and is attractively visible from the outside. Corporate and networker types will love this place. Wonderful interiors, warm bar lighting, comfortable air conditioning, designated a "smoking bar", and with friendly intelligent staff ... the feel is that of a world class hotel lounge bar. That sense is reinforced by ambient music provided by the Blue Room Jazz Band and a charming Canadian lady crooner, Karen Magnon (did I get that right?).

Bar chow is available. I had a sushi platter ... yummmmmmmmmm
And for drinks ... what else??? - Of course - martinis. Choose from a whole menu of innovative flavors. I played safe - and ordered a lychee martini ( I really ordered three ...) And since I was eating sushi , I tried a "wasabi martini" ... wasabi + vodka - how weird is that. Surprisingly, it is good stuff ...

The servers are mainly beauties in neo "speak-easy" uniforms and colored wigs.
Watching the bartenders "mix" and pour into different types of martini glasses is in itself entertainment.

I love this place ...
See you this weekend. I'll be the guy drinking a martini ...

Mrs: Bakit ngayon ka lang?
Dagul: Passsshensha na.
Nag aya kashi ang mga officemates ko,
nag kwentuhan lang ng konti !
Mrs: Gago ... lasing ka nanaman noh?
Dagul: Hindi ah!
Mrs: Anong hindi?!!!!
Wala ka nman trabaho, pano ka nagkaron ng officemate?!!!

ngeeeeeeeeek ..... ooooooooooooooops