Monday, April 30, 2007


Still on the same flight ...
The flight attendant continues with her safety orientation and proceeds to announce:
... "in case of a water landing you may also use your seat bottom cushion as a flotation device ..."

Uh huhhhhhhhhhh ...
Oh my gosh - just what I need.

Picture this ...
We have made a water "landing" and I am miraculously still in one piece.

I am now floating in the middle of a shark-infested bottomless deep ocean, with megawaves crashing over my head ...

My chance of survival and rescue is dependent on my ability to tightly hug and hold on to a WET airline seat cushion that a MILLION PEOPLE BEFORE ME HAVE FARTED INTO .... (c'mon -don't pretend - you know you've done it before)

Wala bang lifeboat na lang?