Friday, April 13, 2007


I had a meeting last night with an old friend (with emphasis on old).
I asked where we should meet and he suggested the lobby of the Manila Peninsula.

Huh? .. Hasn't that place been dead for ages?

Pen Lobby was, several decades ago , the place to be seen in.
Grand, high ceilings, orchestra playing at the mezzanine , impeccable service ... and the cream of the social crop sauntering around in the latest haute couture. These were was truly Imeldific times...

Then it faded.
Somehow Pen got old ... the music never changed - the hotel never upgraded - the spending young could not relate. It just wasn't fun anymore. Fickle Manila had migrated ... to other hotels, to new bars, new restos etc. I bade Pen Lobby goodbye and never saw it again - until last night.

Guys ... it's been upgraded.
Uhmmmm - different, better
But still a bit too slow, conservative
And noticeably ... not too many beautifool peeps around

I think though that if the peeps rediscover this lobby - it could conceivably be the bestest, coolest, happeningest ... again.

Give it a try.
Start the chain.
Old faves are still there - Pen Burger, Chicharon Bulaklak, Chicken Arrozcaldo, Schueblig. Pancit Luglog, Tokwa't Baboy etc.

Drown in a vodka on the rocks or swoon over red wine

Then top it all off with the famed Pen Lobby ice cream concoctions.

The Peninsula Manila
cor. Ayala and Makati Avenues
Makati, Metro Manila 1226
Tel. (63-2) 887-2888


Chinggay said...

My favorite at the Pen Lobby - Shueblig done Pulutan Style (the waiters know how it is done) with a side order of garlic rice! YUMMMY! Finish off with the pen Halo-halo or Pen Pals! :)