Sunday, April 29, 2007

Breathe Normally Daw

I am in the United States for work related matters.
12 hour flight from Manila to the West Coast - tiring
Surprisingly on time for an airline that has a reputation of “always late”.

One of the parts of any flight that amuses me and challenges my imagination a lot is when the flight attendant stands up in front of the cabin audience to announce the safety features and procedures to a ho-hum “ no one is listening” audience …

This trip I focused on :
“… in case of a sudden decompression or emergency - oxygen masks will automatically drop in front of you. Pull the mask to your face – cover your nose and mouth tightly and then … BREATHE NORMALLY “

Breathe normally?
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat ?

Picture this:
… the right wing of the airplane is on fire, smoke fills the cabin, the cabin door pops open, the plane is in a dizzying spin and it is about to hit the side of a mountain like a f_ _ kin’ dart. The oxygen masks drop. And I am supposed to “breathe normally”?

“No, no, no, no” – I felt like whispering to the flight attendant – “you be the one to try and breathe normally.

Me? I am gonna be screaming my head off, peeing in my pants, saying every prayer I know and I will definitely be BREATHING VERY ABNORMALLY. Thank you na lang … “

I arrived safely with the beautiful view of the Golden Gate bridge greeting me.
It was a safe and comfortable flight.
No oxygen masks dropped.

Now ... I can breathe normally.