Saturday, April 21, 2007

Wine of Kings

Friday night ...
Thank God that it is.

It's been a stress filled week.
It had to end sometime.
I have at least a weekend's worth of peace and quiet
to look forward to.

So, first things first.
At the top of the list - a glass of wine.
Where oh where oh where ...

Didn't want to think anymore and be stressed by choices.
So I drove towards one of my "you can't go wrong places" - Serendra Piazza at the Fort. There lies a comfort corner for me - BAROLO.

Wiki says that the term "barolo" refers to an Italian wine produced from the Nebbiolo grape variety grown in the province of Cuneo. It lays claim to being the "wine of kings and king of wines". As such, it is a favorite wine bar name to be found in major cities of the world.

Barolo at Serendra is a small two level wine bar that is designed with a modern interpretation of the old bar cellar feel. Downstairs it seats only about 10 people with its high table setting, On the second level is a private area that seats another 10-15 (maybe 20 max) people. It's a cozy place - wine bottles in their cubby holes surround you, a deli type display of sausages, cold cuts etc. invites you, and soft Italian tunes lull you into a wonderful wine adventure. A seal of the "Ordre Mondial des Gourmets Degustateurs" mounted on the wall is testimony to the quality of the wine experience that one can look forward to.

If you are lucky , the amiable owner Luciano Zanirato will engage you with stories of the "old country" in his lovable Italian accent. He will assist you with your choices of wine and cold cuts and may even join you in a drink.

I love this place ...
Just a few glasses of wine and I am already starting to wear that silly smile that announces " my weekend has began - no more cares in the world - the boss from hell can go back where he belongs - hostilities resume on Monday - alcohol break - do not disturb".

Serendra Piaza, Fort Bonifacio
Taguig Metro Manila
(63-2) 856-0679 856-0866


Sidney said...

It seems you really enjoy wine! Barolo seems to be a good choice!

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Hey Sydney - thank you for dropping by. Actually for me its sometimes wine - sometimes vodka. Often I just need to cap a bad day .....