Tuesday, April 17, 2007

If Only

Alone again ...
Late in the evening - about 11:30pm
Needed a glass of wine
And ohhhh - I hadn't had dinner yet

Or had I?
( gosh ... what a bad office day)

Hmmmm - where to go?

Makati Avenue has become a curious mix of small stores, bars, restos, budget hotels, red light activity, and late night vendors. Tucked in neatly in the middle of this neon and panaflex jungle is an oasis of serenity and taste - CRU -Restaurant/Bar/Cafe

CRU - this is a term used to describe wine superlatively, as in "Grand Cru". The significance of the term has led it to be commonly used as a name for high end wine restos in major cities of the world.

CRU in Makati is a small 26-30 seats), cozy very tastefully done resto that is a wonderful quiet spot in the frenzied, fast paced neighborhood of Makati's commercial avenue. One can easily miss it if one doesn't know it is there. Word of mouth has been its tool to pull in a mix of expats, Makati Ave. "locals" and Greenbelt/Serendra habitues like me.

The chef is a young man who honed his culinary skills in Australia . The staff is attentive. The menu is interestingly European. The music is lounge chill. Nice place ...

I tried their Chefs Selection of 4 Types of Antipasto @120pesos, then followed with Grilled Italian Sausages served with Mashed Potatoes and Lemon Caper Oil @225pesos. Topped with a few glasses of Libertas Chardonnay from Chile - this for me was a wonderfully pleasant dinner.

Good food, good wine, good music ... now, if only I had a baaaaaaaaaaaad woman.

Cru is open till 3am except Monday and Sunday - perfect for insomniacs like me.This find is a treasure.
You should try it.

Cru Restaurant/Bar/Cafe
#2 Constellation St. cor Makati Ave.
Makati, Metro Manila
(63-2) 897-3569


Sidney said...

What is the price of a glass of wine?
Anyway, it sounds good!

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Hahaha - I had so much wine that I forgot how much a glass of wine was !

Anonymous said...

is this resto still there??

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

This restaurant has unfortunately closed.