Saturday, June 30, 2007

Swooning on a Moonlit Night

Going out for Sunday dinner has been a long standing tradition in our family.

Recently - such dinners have been mostly at the Serendra/ Bonifacio High Street area.To a large extent, this is because the place is new and is starting to blossom with one eatery after another. To perhaps a larger extent, it is simply because I can't stop swooning over Bonifacio High Street.

Kudos to Ayala Land for this development.

Almost a kilometer long with a wide (40 meter?) park area in the center, it is lined on both sides with dining and name brand retail outlets. The promenade is meticulously manicured and is dotted with water effects, sculpture, covered walks, and street lamps. It is just literally like a "walk in the park" - a modern park.

I love this place.
It is soothing and calming.
Proudly Pinoy.
Lots of open space
A modern day Luneta of sorts ...

Park-like shopping and dining on a moonlit night
Walking with my arms around my son
The proximity of family
A hole in my wallet slowly burning .

If you have not been
It's time to go
I will see you there
I will be the one with a camera and with no more money left ....


aissa said...

hi! i was just browsing through google looking for nice and cozy restos and i came across your've been to a lot of really restos and i'm hoping you could probably give me an looking for a not-so-casual and not-too-fine place...sorry, i don't honestly know how to define that...hehe...i will be taking my fiance out for his homecoming dinner...this would really mean so much to us...btw, would prefer makati area (i reside here) or places near...thanks a lot! God bless! =)

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Thank you so much for dropping by the blog. I hope you not only find it informative but that you will actually learn to like reading it regularly.

As for a resto for your lucky fiance - I would think that your best bet would be in the Serendra area of Fort Bonifacio. First, because it is new and therefore still interesting. Second - because there are enough choices and types of restos there to make it a safe bet.

However - before making a choice , one would have to know your preferences, your age and your budget. Restos in the Serendra area are varied enough to fit your needs. Portico is a good starting point.

Personally - the restos I write about are generally those that I like and would myself go back to.
Other blogs may be helpful also particularly

Makati side - A nice stand-alone resto is Maurizio Ristorante in Salcedo Village which is in one of my blogs. Otherwise one would have to go to Greenbelt where the choices are also varied.

Drop by again.

aissa said...

thanks so much for taking the time to respond to my query...actually, it'll be 3 months before my fiance gets back...just so excited and planning things way ahead...thanks again for your suggestions...i haven't been to serendra so perhaps we could check out the place together.

i would surely be a regular here in your site...really nice on! =)

grumpyurbanslacker said...


Greenbelt 2 and 3 are also nice options, with lots of resto choices.

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Thanks for droppin' by GrumpyUrbanSlacker.

Thanks for helping me out with Aissa. For very personal reasons, I haven't been to Greenbelt 2-3 for about a year now. I am sure that I am missing out on a lot. Maybe I should revisit the area and add a few GB restos to the blog ...
Maybe ....

aissa said...

yup, been there a couple of times...but wanted something more casual yet intimate...sorry for the contradiction...thanks! =)

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

I posted an entry about Apartment1B in Salcedo Village. You might want to drop by even just to see it and see if it fits what you might be looking for.